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MENU.  War in Ukraine: update and maps today

UKRAINE. The war in Ukraine has now shifted to the east of the country, with Russian troops ready to take Mariupol and suspected of planning a final attack on Donbass. Summary and latest news…

[Mis à jour le 13 avril 2022 à 20h06] The war in Ukraine is being played out in the east of the country after the attempted invasion, especially the atrocities committed around Kyiv and the redeployment of the Russian army. Status cards are now significantly different from February or March. Mariupol fortress and the Donbass region on the Russian border attract attention as life tries to continue in Kiev and the former occupied areas, and the atrocities committed by the Russian army continues.

  • in MariupolRussian forces continued to press on Tuesday and Ukrainian soldiers were desperately trying to defend the strategic port city amid destruction, AFP reported. “The tie is tightening on the last Ukrainian troops defending Mariupol, which has been besieged by the Russian army for more than 40 days, has been largely destroyed and where the humanitarian situation is dramatic,” the agency writes. Russia on Wednesday announced the surrender of more than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the region. Ukrainian authorities are already complaining that between 20 and 22,000 people have died in the city and “90% of the houses” have been destroyed. Governor Kirilenko also stated on Telegram that Mariupol is now grappling with “street fights” “day and night”. The situation of Mariupol on Ukrainian maps illustrates this: the capture of this southeastern city, which now seems imminent, will allow the Russians to consolidate their coastal territorial gains along the Sea of ​​Azov, linking the Donbass. Territories on the Crimean Peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014.
  • in DonbassThe war in Ukraine is also expected to intensify. Moscow made the conquest of this border region of Russia its primary goal. Kyiv announced that it expects a major offensive in the short term. “According to our information, the enemy has almost completed preparations for an attack to the east. The attack will take place very soon,” warned Ukraine’s Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandre Motouzianik; Quoted by AFP.
  • in KievAfter the withdrawal of Russia, life slowly begins again. On Tuesday, President Zelensky denounced the “hundreds of rapes” observed, according to him, in areas previously occupied by Putin’s army. “We find new mass graves almost every day,” said the Ukrainian President, “and we continue to find bodies in sewers and basements.” The word “genocide”, which Zelensky has used so far, was taken by US President Joe Biden recently.

The daily updated situation maps of the war in Ukraine show the change in the face of the conflict since the end of March. Since the beginning of this war in Ukraine, maps have played a decisive role in understanding the Russian military operation and monitoring the situation live. Here are the best resources for current maps (depending on update dates, the maps shown below may be from the previous day).

Maps of the war in Ukraine

A few days after the start of the war in Ukraine, the French Ministry of Defense produced a status update and a map detailing the theater of operations. The map is available on the Ministry of Defense portal and is updated daily.

Situation map in Ukraine prepared by the French Ministry of Defense.
Situation map of the French Ministry of Defense dated 13 April 2022 (click on the map to zoom). © Ministry of Defense

The UK Ministry of Defense also provides very regular reports on the situation in Ukraine. In addition to delivered “Intelligence updates” (information updates on the ground) on his Twitter accountthere are also maps that summarize the daily situation.

Ukraine site Liveuamap map

One of the most valuable documents currently available online is the map by, an independent Ukrainian platform that compiles and cross-checks various information from media sources and social media and enables real-time visualization. almost conflicts in the country and one strike after another.

Another interactive map published on MapHub makes it possible to visualize Russian attacks and Ukrainian defensive actions since the beginning of the conflict. The tool, which has listed hundreds of incidents to date, is also run by the Center for Information Resilience (CIR), an independent UK not-for-profit company dedicated to identifying, responding and reporting impact operations. The CIR aims to “raise awareness of and help counter threats to democracy and objective facts that affect operations, including disinformation.”

Situation maps from the Institute for War Studies (ISW)

Reports and maps produced daily by the Institute for War Studies (ISW) provide the press (including Le Monde) with up-to-date and precise information. The War Studies Institute is a non-profit, impartial public policy research organization. “Promotes an informed understanding of military issues through credible research, credible analysis, and innovative education.”

Maps of media and journalists in France and abroad

Various agencies provide the press with maps and charts that are updated daily. This is the case of Agence France Presse in France, but also for specialized services such as Visactu or Graphic News, an independent international agency funded entirely by media publishers. Most of these maps are updated at the end of the day.

In France, reference sites such as Le Monde or Le Figaro offer to monitor the progress of Russian troops through a series of maps based on reliable data from the above-mentioned sources. World Decoders offers a map of the day-to-day development of the Russian invasion, specifically equipped with a slider to navigate the conflict chronology. Le Figaro drew several maps based on information from other press agencies such as the Liveuamap website, the Graphicnews agency and AFP.

The maps and situation reports of historian and veteran Michel Goya, a columnist for BFMTV on Twitter, are among the most complete. These documents based on War Mapper maps are also available on his blog. Abroad, the sites of the two leading American media, the New York Times and the Washington Post, also offer up-to-date maps.

kyiv, Mariupol… Mapped battles

The battle of Kyiv, especially in Mariupol, has been mapped out by many media in France and around the world. Visactu, a French agency specializing in the production of press infographics, regularly provides updates on the situation on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, where Russian troops have pulled back Le Monde, Le Figaro, the New York Times or the Washington Post. media that provide the best summaries of the situation, such as Kyiv Independenta newspaper from the Ukrainian capital that regularly reports.

In the UK, the BBC also has a page to follow the war in Ukraine with a focus on Mariupol. Some maps also allow you to learn about the situation in the capital. Another British media, the Financial Times, also rejects their cards until the clashes in Kiev.