Streaming live on Netflix soon?

There’s always something new on Netflix: series, movies, documentaries, features… After launching its own catalog of video games in recent months, the streaming platform that made “TUDUM” is currently working on a new genre of programming. : live broadcasts. It’s not television yet, but it’s starting to look that way…

In 2013, Netflix changed the entertainment world with the one-off release of season 1. Card House. While viewers were used to watching their favorite TV shows once or twice a week on traditional channels, a revolution has taken place: it’s possible to watch everything in one night. most overwatch was born. And it has spawned many insomniacs, as the streaming platform continues to evolve, offering an increasingly comprehensive catalog full of hits, stranger things with money robbery stop by lupine, Bridgerton Chronicle Where Crown.

In addition to programs, Netflix regularly introduces new features in its interface, such as shuffle, buttons to skip credits, top rankings by category, or lots of options to organize its list. As if this were not enough, the SVOD service does not hesitate to diversify. After the recent launch of the video games catalog, it’s now a stream of live shows under review in the big N Rouge. And it may be sooner than you think…

According to the US site DeadlineThat’s why “TUDUM” does much more than just examine the possibility of broadcasting live shows right now, which will hold the information of the people working for Netflix, the platform that does “TUDUM”. It’s a diversification that will allow the service to offer its subscribers programs such as tele-hook shows and even and, above all, stand-up shows, where the public has to vote. One way to respond to Disney+ in the United States, while you’re there, dance with the stars will now be broadcast on the platform with big ears. Which obviously raises a question: Could this new streaming service within Netflix only concern the United States, at least initially?

Live sports on Netflix?

Everything will depend on the context. The principle of live broadcasting is that there are no live subtitles. Unless there’s Flash on the keyboard, but hey, last I heard, he’s still a fictional character. As a result, it’s not easy to broadcast an American program live without making VOST available to other countries. On the other hand, there is one type of program that might not cause too much trouble airing in its original version, and that it may even have commentators in special languages: sports. We’ve seen Prime Video launch recently, for example, with a broadcast of Ligue 1 or Roland-Garros. In the UK, the platform also broadcasts Premier League matches. So, if Netflix wants to follow this model, it’s entirely possible to see coverage of international and/or national events coming. According to this Deadlinethe unexpected success of the documentary series Formula 1: drivers of their destinies Even if the American media realizes that this will not be a priority just yet, it could push the platform in Nrouge to enter the world of live sports.

Also, if the possibility of broadcasting programs also lives with legendary broadcast meetings (for example, Friends and harry potter recently) may cause synchronization problems worldwide, this new offer will allow the development of new French programs. Reality TV shows are streaming live comedy shows when the public can vote during talent shows (dancing, cooking, singing, bungee jumping over the tub…) or when new original content is already available in abundance to stream. And if sports were also involved, then there would be a strong new competitor to be positioned for bidding, both in football and rugby, tennis or basketball…

Rather than a simple evolution, the arrival of live shows on Netflix could therefore be a real revolution.

Source : Deadline