Summary of measures taken at the borders of Japan in June 2022

On May 26, 2022, the Japanese government announced a list of new border measures. These will be effective from June 1 or June 10, depending on their content. Here are the things to remember.

1. Change in quarantine restrictions upon arrival in Japan (from 1 June 2022)

As of June 1, 2022, the countries on this list will be divided into 3 categories:

  • Red: Scan on arrival and check after entering Japan. The quarantine takes place at the Quarantine Services hotel, but there is a relief about the quarantine place when three vaccinations are given. The quarantine period is in principle 7 days, if you pass the screening test it drops to 3 and the third day is negative.
  • Yellow: Screening test on arrival and on confinement unless they have been vaccinated three times as defined by the Japanese government and can prove it.
  • Blue: No screening test on arrival and no isolation.

Always get tested before flying to Japan. Documents and rules can be found in this article: Precautions and documents for entry / return to Japan

Description of the system: On the identification of countries/regions based on new measures (28)

IMG - Review of border measures from June 2022
Review of border measures from June 2022

To note:

  • Nationality is not an issue here. If you are a Belgian citizen but live in India, you must follow the rules applicable to India.
  • If you have traveled to more than one country in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Japan, you must abide by all the rules of those countries. Therefore, if there are red countries/regions in the list, follow the red rules. Yellow rules apply while yellow and blue stay in countries/regions.

List of countries: In country/region categories according to new border measures (28)

2. Change in Boundary Measures for Tourists Entering Japan (from 10 June 2022)

Japan has started a probationary period for admitting tourists to Japan. It will expire on 10 June 2022 at 0:00 and will be replaced by the final acceptance of tourists under certain conditions. To welcome foreign tourists, the government will double the entry quota to Japan. This will increase from 10,000 to 20,000 people starting June 1.

In concrete terms, tourists should:

  • Have come from a region/country classified as blue and have not stayed in a yellow or red region/country for 14 days prior to entry into Japan.
  • Take an organized tour (supervised). For this they will need to go through a travel agency (etc.) or a firm/organization that can take responsibility for the fulfillment. Steps for these organizations will be outlined later.

It should be noted that the quotas of 20,000 people include tourists, but also Japanese, residents of Japan and other visa holders.

Remarks: New fortification measures at the borders (29) (For Tourists)


  • Tourists who want to travel without a tour will not be able to come to Japan for now. It will be necessary to attend a turn.
  • Precautions may change, harden or relax depending on the contagious situation inside and outside the country. Don’t forget to review the rules before you travel so you don’t go wrong!

Information on these issues is collected in the immigration section of the site.

Reminder 3: Families separated due to COVID

Japanese consulates have been listening and trying to help parents and children who have been separated due to COVID for the past three years. Tourist visa is not the only solution for them. Contact them via email, send a summary of your situation and ask if there are solutions for your case. They want to help!

Other Useful Articles

  • Articles on border measures and visa regulations can now be found in the “Immigration and Borders” column of Local News in Japan.

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