Summer season looks like it will be lively on Lake Saint-Pardoux



The “Abyss” show will immerse audiences in a glowing underwater universe on July 9.

Lake Saint-Pardoux in Haute-Vienne hopes to fill with vacationers once again this summer, with an entertainment program combining concerts, sporting events and farmers’ markets after two years exacerbated by the pandemic.

This year the season promises to be rich with a wide variety of free entertainment for all viewers. Lake Saint-Pardoux is the second most attractive tourist destination in Haute-Vienne after the Oradour-sur-Glane Memory Center and the first for water activities. The director of EPIC du Lac de Saint-Pardoux is optimistic after a failing 2020 and a 2021 cut by Covid. “It will be the first full season in three years, starting July 2, when the beaches are monitored by SDIS firefighters and will start swimming after checking if the cyanobacteria have disappeared,” says Christophe Us. The latest ARS analysis has lifted the bathroom ban. Very favorable climatic conditions kicked off the season long before the official date, with summer visitors and industry residents filling the uncontrolled beaches at their own peril and risk.

Christophe Bize and Nathalie Baly prepared events for all audiences (credit C. Mérigaud). Christophe Bize and Nathalie Baly prepared events for all audiences (credit C. Mérigaud)

Swimming pool and caravan area attractive

Summer visitors and goers alike, the majority of families from the residential area of ​​Limoges as well as neighboring Indre, Creuse and south Vienne come to enjoy a day of rest. The lake, which has been the property of the Ministry since 1991, spans 330 hectares and three supervised beaches with 300 hectares of forest added. “The Fréaudour campsite, the surrounding areas and accommodation also attract foreign customers, including English, Dutch, Belgian and many Parisians”highlights the director. “The 32-square caravan site that opened four years ago has given us a clientele we didn’t have, thanks to the European Camping Car park network that represents 7,000 nights a year.” Last year, the construction of a footbridge connecting the beaches of Chabannes and Santrop at 700m intervals also brought in additional visitors. “User creates streams, brings school groups, we see people walking around and using the footbridge all year round. This allowed us to create two new loops, small and large, to get around the lake.”he continues.

Open since 2017, the swimming pool also attracts 60,000 visitors and 10,000 schoolchildren annually. “It specifies equipment that is very useful when the bathing area is closed, including 30,000 in summer alone. » At the Fréaudour site, home to the water ski base, the cable-pulled water ski lift is open from Easter to All Saints’ Day and “This will be his first full season” This is the year that the lake’s level rise has been forced to halt since it entered service in 2019. “We’re noticing a club spirit with local participation and a pool of members and a large number of schoolchildren, says the director, which is encouraging. »

The inflatable structures of the aquapark will return after the first season with the addition of a new tower on July 2nd. Six 45-minute slots will be available in the afternoons until August 31 (ages 8). For thrill seekers, the adventure park opens in the eleventh season for safe tree climbing trails, thanks to equipment equipped with double carabiner (Bornack system) for fall protection.

Prominent male cheerleaders and DJs

Therefore, the seers are completely green to enjoy the summer on the shore of the lake with a specially prepared program. “It is for families, young and old, so that everyone can find something for themselves” Nathalie reassures Baly, who’s in charge of the entertainment. There will be something for everyone during two summer months, not to mention the highly anticipated fireworks display with shows, concerts, tournaments, workshops, farmers’ markets and a lively evening of Limoges’ flagship orchestra “Aloha” from 8 on 7 August. . until midnight.

Among the programs, don’t miss the “Abysses” street show organized by Parisian company “Remue Ménage” on July 9 at 22:30 in Santrop to dive into the aquatic world of sparkling colors. “The exploration of the seafloor that mixes acrobatics, visuals and pyrotechnics,” adds local DJ Healer Selecta from 2pm. »

A Queen memorial night with the male cheerleaders troupe is scheduled for July 22 (Credit: Nathalie Auriault)A Queen memorial night with the male cheerleaders troupe is scheduled for July 22 (Credit: Nathalie Auriault)

Freddy Mercury fans will not miss the “Queen a man” show that will take place on July 22 at Santrop at 20:30. “A unique show with male cheerleaders by a Breton company”, followed by the demonstration of Bohemian rhapsody. Local bands will fire up Santrop on 13 August at 19:30 with Keltas (Celtic music) at 19:30 and then La Mecanica at 9:00 (Cuban salsa), all at a half night farmers market (17 It will start at :30 pm). /10 pm.). The marching band “Les Gueules secs” is expected on August 18 as part of its centennial tour. Electro music lovers will not miss the unique evening of 27 August with three DJs taking turns behind the turntables, Numa a Tfive at 19.00, Igor at 21.00 and The Superman Lovers at 23.00. Press “Starlight”.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with the department sports committees, activities will be offered throughout the summer: beach volleyball from 5 pm on Wednesday and Friday, and beach handball on Sunday afternoons, from 4 pm every Tuesday, one on July 9 and 30. with the challenge, and beach rugby from 14:00 on 13 July. To extend the season, an international beach tennis tournament is scheduled at Santrop on September 10 and 11, as well as an aquathlon, swimming and triathlon competition on September 17 and 18. The first French Canitrail Championship will be held in Santrop on 24 and 25 September by the French Luge Sports Federation. “A competition that should have an interesting impact for all hosts” gives a discount to the director.

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Corinne Merigaud

Photo: Laurent Quintal

Published on 29.06.2022

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