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BROSSARD, QC, 20 May 2022 /CNW/ – Governments Canada and Quebec are working together to provide Quebecers with access to sustainable and safe facilities aimed at promoting the practice of recreational and sporting activities in our communities.

Today, a member of Brossard–St. LambertAlexandra Mendès, on behalf of the Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities, Honorable Dominik LeBlancIsabelle Charest, Minister of Education and Minister for the Status of Women, announced that more than $1.9 million in financial aid has been allocated to build a new generational space in Victorin Park. On this occasion, they were accompanied by Madam, Mayor of Brossard. Doreen Assad.

The project includes the construction of an intergenerational recreation area in Victorin Park to replace the existing old water facilities. The work mainly consists of demolition of existing facilities, service building, main pool, water playground, reconstruction of concrete beaches, rest areas and landscaping.

Government to support the realization of this project Canada 992 investments $958.50 As part of the Community, Cultural and Recreation Infrastructure (VICCR) stream of Investment in the Canada Infrastructure Programme. Canada (PIIC) and the Quebec Government, 992 $958.50 Under the Financial Assistance Program for Recreation and Sports Infrastructure (PAFIRS). This new infrastructure will contribute to the dynamism and development of the Brossard community as well as the region as a whole.


“The development of new water facilities at Parc Victorin in Brossard will allow young and old alike to cool off, enjoy the outdoors and socialize. This is great news for the people of Brossard! In partnership with states and municipalities, our government is investing in entertainment and sports infrastructure to create vibrant and inclusive communities. »

Alexandra Mendes, MP for Brossard–St. Lamberton behalf of the honorary Dominik LeBlancMinister for Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities

“Access to modern, quality entertainment and sports infrastructure is a priority for our government. We provide quality facilities that offer Quebecers a wide variety of activities and equipment. This contributes to maintaining good physical and mental health for the entire population. I am proud to know once again that this new, modern and adapted infrastructure will meet the needs of the entire society. »

Isabelle CharestMinister of Education and Minister for the Status of Women

“I am very pleased with the investments announced today for equestrian. As elsewhere in Quebec, I want my community to have access to modern, high-quality entertainment and sports infrastructure. I believe that the young people, families and even the elderly in Brossard are happy with the new recreation area project. Thanks to the new facilities, we will be able to create a gathering area where our citizens can socialize while cooling off in the summer heat. This is very good news! »

Simon Jolin BarretteMinister of Justice, Minister for the French Language, Minister for Secularism and Parliamentary Reform, Minister for the Montérégie region, Leader of the Government House, and Member of Parliament for Borduas

“I am delighted that this grant has been awarded to improve the swimming pool and facilities in Victorin Park, which it really needs! This amount will mitigate the investment undertaken by Brossard taxpayers and enable us to implement other projects to improve our parks and green spaces, which continue to be the heart of the quality of life of our neighbourhoods. »

Doreen AssadMayor of Brossard

Quick Facts

  • The project, announced today, represents a combined $294 million in joint contribution to the 176 entertainment and sports infrastructure projects already announced in Quebec in 2021.
  • As part of the Infrastructure Program Canada (PIIC) plans to invest more than $7.5 billion in Quebec between the federal government. 2018 and 2028. The Integrated Bilateral Agreement (IBA) aims to implement CIIP in Quebec and set the terms, obligations and commitments of the parties.
  • The Ministry of Education is responsible for implementing the Recreational Infrastructure subcomponent of the EBI’s Community, Cultural and Recreational Infrastructure component. The Financial Assistance Program for Recreation and Sports Infrastructures (PAFIRS) was established by the Government of Quebec. PAFIRS aims to support the presence of and increase access to recreational and sports infrastructure in good condition in all regions of Quebec by financing projects that build, develop, renovate, upgrade, expand or redevelop recreational and sports infrastructure. population.
  • The allocation of a $60 million balance envelope to the PIIC and PAFIRS programs comes in equal shares from governments. Canada et du Québec will bring co-investments in entertainment infrastructure to $354 million.
  • As of today, City of Brossard undertakes $4,042,717 for the realization of this project.

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