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DIRECTLY.  Legislature 2022: poll results, withdrawals before round 2

LEGAL RESULTS 2022. With the second round of the legislative elections approaching, qualified candidates announced their withdrawal and offered victory to their opponents. Clémentine Autain (Nupes) will definitely be reelected. Latest news, survey results, analysis… All news live.

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  • Before the second round of the D-4 legislative elections. The result of this election is eagerly awaited, especially after the announcement of the tense 1st round scores between Together (ENS), the coalition of Emmanuel Macron, and Nupes, the union of the left.
  • Several trips are planned for this Wednesday, June 15th: Marine Le Pen in Pas-de-Calais, Hauts-de-Seine and Edouard Philippe in Paris, even Éric Dupont-Moretti’s in Haute-Garonne.
  • Although the results of the first round of the legislative elections allowed Nupes to win 4 MPs, it is certain that there will be at least two more MPs: candidates in Seine-Saint-Denis, Soumya Bourouaha and Clémentine Autain, after their rivals withdrew. . In Guadeloupe, her opponent was former minister Marie-Luce Penchard, who resigned in favor of the PS-stamped.
  • The latest Harris Interactive Institute poll, released on Tuesday, with 257 to 297 lawmakers. This result could lose Emmanuel Macron’s absolute majority in the 289-seat National Assembly. Nupes would make a sensational entry into the Palace of Bourbon with between 161 and 219 deputies.
  • Watch this tense inter-round campaign live ahead of next Sunday’s legislative election decision.


08:11 – For Richard Ferrand, “living together would be impossible” after legislative election

Richard Ferrand, Speaker of the National Assembly, spoke on the subject. LCI, this Wednesday morning, out of fears about the outcome of the legislative election. “Nobody wants conflict in France. The possibility of coexistence that Mr. Mélenchon so desires would be impossible,” he assured, adding that “we are involved in important matters that fall within the scope of economic and social credibility, in terms of security.” It’s a polarized situation.” For him, “it’s time to rally around the President, not stances and controversial games.”

08:06 – Bayrou pleads for the “majority of balanced people”.

in an interview he gave MountainFrançois Bayrou, boss of MoDem and a stakeholder in the Together coalition behind Emmanuel Macron, believes it’s at “an important moment in our history” on the eve of the second round of the legislative elections. The Mayor said, “I have not remembered such an important, such an important election in decades. The risk for our country is to have a majority without a majority or far from all truth, selling all illusions and possible hatreds.” “For the majority of balanced people,” Pau said.

07:59 – New charges against Damien Abad

After Damien Abad was appointed Minister for Solidarity in May, he had a controversy in light of an investigation published by the investigative newspaper Médiapart. Two women indicted him in rape and sexual assault cases dating back to late 2009 and early 2010. On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Médiapart published a new article on its site that Damien Abad was involved in other cases of the same type. order. Thus, a centrist elected official denounced, among other things, an attempted rape: “Today I can no longer be silent. If I talk, it cannot start again, let alone”, explains.

07:55 – Former minister Marie-Luce Penchard was also filmed in Guadeloupe

LREM was filmed before the second round in Guadeloupe. Nicolas Sarkozy’s former overseas minister, Marie-Luce Penchard, announced on Sunday that she will not participate in the upcoming elections in Guadeloupe’s 4th constituency. Backed by the presidential party, his rival PS withdrew in favor of Saint-Claude mayor Elie Califer. In the first round, the runner-up garnered 38.61% of the vote against 19.88% for Marie-Luce Penchard.

07:54 – A second withdrawal before the 2nd round of legislative elections in Seine-Saint-Denis

In Seine-Saint-Denis, Stains mayor Azzedine Taïbi announced that she would withdraw her candidacy for the second round of the legislative elections in favor of Soumya Bourouaha, who came first in the 4th constituency. The elected official presented himself as a PCF opponent, but therefore threw in the towel against his opponent Nupes, who received 36.13% of the vote in the 1st round, and 21.43% of Azzedine Taïbi.

07:46 – Clémentine Autain guaranteed re-election

Even before voters go to the polls on Sunday, Clémentine Autain is confident she will regain her parliamentary seat. The Nupes candidate, seeking a new term in the 11th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis, will have no real rivals against him on June 19. Virginie de Carvalho preferred to throw the towel, hitting her opponent with various left stamps. In the 1st round, one of the names of rebel France won 46.15% of the votes cast in Sevran, Villepinte and Tremblay-en-France, well ahead of his first opponent (15.18%).

07:41 – Hello everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to Linternaute. Four days before the second round of the legislative elections, the campaign enters its main stretch as the battle between the coalition, the Union, which is the coalition of LREM, MoDem, Horizons and Agir, to present Emmanuel Macron a majority of MPs, escalates, and Nupes, the union of the left (LFI, EELV, PCF) , P.S.). Survey results, latest news, comments… Follow this new campaign day with us!

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The legislative outcome map below is colored according to the first-round winner. Instantly, a list of qualified candidates for the runoff next Sunday is displayed. It is possible to zoom in to explore the constituency’s results.

According to the final figures published by the Ministry of Interior, an overview of the national balances that emerged as a result of the first round of the 2022 general elections:

  • Nupes (25.66%) so he succeeds in his bet. Jean-Luc Mélenchon did not hide his joy at having shaken Emmanuel Macron’s camp so much. During a press briefing on Sunday evening, June 12, he spoke of “a defeated presidential party”. “For the first time in the Fifth Republic, a newly elected president fails to win a majority in the legislative elections that follow,” she joyfully said, pushing aside projections in 2nd round seats, less flattering, “it makes no sense other than perpetuating an illusion”. It urged voters to “firmly reject the disastrous projects of the majority next Sunday.” On Monday, June 13, the movement cries out for manipulation, accusing the Department of the Interior for failing to properly label certain candidates in order to minimize its score. La Nupes saw four of its candidates selected in the first round: Alexis Corbière in Seine-Saint-Denis, Sarah Legrain, Danielle Obono and Sophia Chikirou in Paris.
  • Republic in March (25.75%) they will experience the first round of the legislative elections in a mixed state: if a candidate has already been elected MP – Yannick Favennec, the impeached MP in Mayenne – and all ministerial candidates qualify for the 2nd round, some are in trouble. Elisabeth Borne (Calvados), Gabriel Attal (Hauts-de-Seine) and Olivier Véran (Isère) in a very positive vote, but Amélie Montchalin, Minister of Ecological Transition, or Clément Beaune, Minister of European Affairs, in a negative vote. In case of defeat, they will have to leave the government. In addition, the presidential coalition in 58 constituencies does not take part in the runoff. In the upcoming Nupes-RN duel, LREM said it would first “position itself according to the situation”, but at RTL on Monday, government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire urged “not to give a single voice for the National Rally”. “According to the projections, it is far from obtaining an absolute majority in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
  • National Rally (18.68%) clearly below 19% at the end of the first round of legislative elections. But he may believe in the creation of a parliamentary group at the Palais Bourbon. Marine Le Pen’s party, which qualifies for the second round by a large margin in Pas-de-Calais, could have fifteen or twenty elected members of the House.
  • Republicans (10.42%) It would reach 10% but would be on track to maintain a group of 50 to 80 MPs. Eric Ciotti, in particular, qualified for the second round at Alpes-Maritimes.
  • Re-Conquest (4.24%)Like its leader, Eric Zemmour’s party completely missed the mark and was eliminated in the 1st round at Var. Next Sunday, no Zemmourist candidates qualify for the second round: Guillaume Peltier fell to 5th place in the Loir-et-Cher, Stanislas Rigault, in the Vaucluse duo with Marion Maréchal, was also eliminated.

The first polls to be held in the second round of the 2022 general elections will closely follow the result of the first round. Pollsters will be able to develop predictions thanks to the large balances in this first round and the qualified candidates in each constituency. Voting intent polls will provide a more precise overview of the number of seats each political party can get in the National Assembly on June 19. Throughout the campaign, collected metrics of voting intentions in the poll compiler. Discover the first researches in round 2.

Unlike presidential elections, which benefit from a two-week inter-round campaign, parliamentary candidates who qualify for the runoff have a short week to campaign before the runoff, which is scheduled for the evening of Sunday, June 19th. The application deadline for the second round is 14 June at 18:00. The official campaign will end at midnight on Friday, 17 June. Abroad and in French Polynesia, the second round of legislative elections will be held one day earlier than in mainland France. In some overseas departments and communities, voters also vote in the legislative election to be held the previous Saturday.

Legislative elections are held by direct universal suffrage, the so-called “two-round majority” vote, in each constituency. The candidate elected at the end of this legislative election and who will take over one of the 577 parliamentary seats will be the candidate who receives the majority of the votes cast in the second round (and no longer an absolute majority as in the first round). In case of full equality of votes, the oldest candidate is elected.

As a reminder, in order to participate in the second round, the candidate must have received a number of votes equal to at least 12.5% ​​of the registered voters in the constituency in the first round. If one or none of the candidates receiving 12.5% ​​of the registered votes is present, the top two candidates qualify for the runoff.