TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4, the new watches of the future


In addition to its classic watchmaking business, TAG Heuer continues to grow in the field of luxury connected watches. A sector in which the brand has been a pioneer since 2015.

New TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 watches (diameter 42 mm and 45 mm)
New TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 watches (diameter 42 mm and 45 mm)
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PTAG Heuer continues to expand in the field of luxury connected watches in parallel with its classic watchmaking business. A sector in which the brand has been a pioneer since 2015.

Two new models are emerging today, each with a strong personality but each expressing the TAG Heuer identity in its own way. With its ultra-dynamic look and 45 mm diameter, the first of these two steel parts has its roots in TAG Heuer’s long sporting tradition. The second innovation provides thinness and sobriety with a diameter of 42 mm. If design is at stake for this new connected watch collection, a series of technical advances will enable the brand to cement its status as a world leader. A passion expressed by Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer: “By presenting these two new TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 watches, which are very different from each other, we want to offer a new generation of Connected to more customers.”

Multiple improvements

Compared to previous models, the improvements are related to both technology, functions, aesthetics and usability. These watches run Wear OS 2 at launch, but will be able to upgrade to Wear OS 3 for free when it becomes available.
A very tangible advantage is that, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, data synchronization with and from a laptop is much faster in these new Connected watches.
Another key advantage of their new display is that it offers unrivaled quality and contrast, especially outdoors: the “clock face”, notifications and sports statistics are perfectly visible even in intense sunlight.
The battery life of the 45 mm model shows a 30% increase compared to the previous generation. Concretely, this means that users can fully use their watch to track their sporting activity. For example, autonomy reaches one day even when the golf tracking function is activated for five hours. The energy reserve is the same for the 42 mm version when the Wellness app is in use.
Introduced today, the TAG Heuer Connected comes with a brand new type of charger for two uses: to charge the watch, of course, but also to create an elegant display that can show the time overnight if you choose to put it away. a bedside table.

wrist training programs

If there are a variety of sensors that are very useful in outdoor recreational activities (accelerometer, heart monitor, compass, GPS and now altimeter), the big innovation this year is taking the form of guided education programs.

These allow you to do without your smartphone to free your hands, with predefined but easily customizable times.
The TAG Heuer Sport app is available on two new models that come with “custom watch faces”, including a reinterpretation of the classic Connected dials. A wide selection includes dials inspired by TAG Heuer’s traditional watchmaking heritage, as well as innovative models with artistic animations and quick access to all information. For example, the new “Riverside” watch face comes to life with a futuristic effect that beautifully illustrates the passage of time. The possibilities for customization are also expressed, thanks to the wide variety of straps made of leather, steel or rubber in different colours. Living dynamically to the rhythm of your tastes and desires.
“These two new TAG Heuer Connected watches open the door to an ever-evolving digital ecosystem by bringing together sports activities, wellness apps and elegant ‘watch faces’ inspired by our iconic chronographs,” said TAG Heuer.

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