TAG Heuer presents two new versions of connected watches


On February 10, 2022, the Swiss watch brand announced the launch of the watch.The new generation of Connected watches. It has two models, 42 mm and 45 mm. They go on sale March 10, 2022 and are available worldwide.

Tag Heuer, The world leader in luxury connected watches is launching a brand new generation of connected watches. These two new watches (TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 42 mm and 45 mm) each highlight the brand’s passion for performance.
These two new models ensure that the brand maintains its position as the world leader in luxury connected watches. “It is a watch that will be the life partner of the most elegant dinners as well as work and sports. “, said Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer in a press release. The brand wants to offer a new generation of Connected watches to more customers with these two very different models.

Hour Caliber E4 with TAG Heuer Connection It reinvents the sporty look with the 45mm. This watch has an imposing ceramic bezel. The 42mm model, on the other hand, provides a more refined look designed for a sleeker look. This 42mm version should appeal to the biggest numbers. With its sophisticated appearance, it is suitable for use during sports or stylish events. Unlike the 45mm model, the 42mm model includes the latest wellness and fitness functions. The design has improved a lot from previous models. The models both give the impression of lightness and provide ease of use on the go. Also, the brand offers its customers a wide variety of belts (leather, steel or rubber) in different colors.

SBR8010.BC6608 Caliber E4SBR8010.BT6255

TAG Heuer, which has been a pioneer in the field of connected watches since 2015, offers new functions on its dials for these new models. weather or informationThe agenda will be displayed directly on the clock. A new version of Health lets you know the heart rate and the number of steps taken. But the brand doesdid not stop there. programsGuided workouts are the biggest innovation this year. ITAG Heuer Sport app provides training programsguided education. They are designed for users who want to stay in shape (without having their smartphones in their hands all the time). On the screenview notifications to redirectuser throughout the exercises.
They will also be able to track their performance in swimming, cycling, golf, running and walking. IThe TAG Heuer Sport app is available in two new models. These come with a brand new type of charger in the form of a display stand to put the clock on the ground and display the clock.time. In terms of new improvements, compared to the previous generation,The battery life of the 45mm model is increased by 30%. The 42mm model promises to deliver an entire day.with autonomyActive Health app. Finally, with Bluetooth 5.0, data synchronization from mobile phone will be faster on new connected watches.

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