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Agriculture Fair 2022: hours, access, prices and schedule

AGRICULTURAL CENTER. Saturday, February 26, 2022, the 58th International Agricultural Exhibition (SIA) opens its doors at Porte de Versailles in Paris with subject access to the vaccination card. Timetables, access, schedule, map and ticket prices, all visit information.

[Mis à jour le 25 février 2022 à 14h24] most This year’s theme is “Agriculture: our daily life, your future!” 58th International Agriculture Fair. It opens its doors on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 9 am in the Parc des Expos de Paris Porte de Versailles. Many people go to the Agricultural Fair. Arrive early for a faster ride, or reserve your seats in advance if possible (EUR 15 for an adult, Euro 8 for a child, free for children under 6 years old). Due to high attendance at Salon de l’Agriculture, arrive early in the morning to get in faster or book your seats in advance if possible. There are several options to access the show: metro (line 8 or 12), tram (T2 or T3a), bus (line 39 or 80), and even Vélib.

This 58th edition will not be “like the others” due to adherence to health instructions regarding Covid-19. If this is a “merge” pressure, the success of the event depends on its ability to “provide a meeting and sharing moment in accordance with health instructions”, state the organizers of the event. . Among the health measures implemented are mandatory vaccination card (or health card for 12-15 year olds), wearing a mask, of course, “optimized ventilation of the pavilions” and “Covid references by show area”.

What does the 2022 Agriculture Fair offer?

Approximately 500,000 visitors and professionals during the 9 days from February 26 to March 6, 2022 We meet in the halls of the Salon de l’Agriculture to taste specialties and French local produce and discover the latest innovations in the service of people and technology. Animations, competitions and tastings are distributed in the Salon de l’Agriculture on an area of ​​134,000 m² with four themes: “cultivation and sectors”, “crops and plant sectors”, “Products from the French Overseas Regions and World” and “agricultural services and professions” “.

Visitors of the Paris fair will have the opportunity to perfect their knowledge of the breeding world in pavilions 1, 2.1, 4 and 6, which bring together about 4,000 animals. Many professionals work on raising rams, lifestyle of bulls, feeding of sheep, milking and milk production etc. shares their knowledge on the subject. In the opinion of many visitors, the Best Cat selection at the Concours Général Agricole is one of the Salon de l’Agriculture highlights.

What is in the 2022 Agriculture Fair program?

Exhibits, shows and workshops are offered to families to perfect their knowledge of the world of livestock and gastronomy in our regions and to encourage encounters and explorations around the modernity of French agriculture.

The training farm is a must, where you can find all the livestock: rabbits, chickens and goats await visitors in pavilion 4, at the entrance from gate D. You will also find sheep, calves, bulls and pigs in hall 1. Through the L and V gates. For dog and cat lovers go to Pavilion 2.1. Those who prefer horses, donkeys and ponies are waiting for you at Pavilion 6.

As you understand, animals have a place of choice in the living room and they are the subject of competitions. 1,400 breeders, 2,166 animals and 369 breeds participate in the General Agricultural Animals Competition. The selection of the Best Cat at the Concours Général et Agricole is one of the highlights of the Salon de l’Agriculture. As soon as you enter the Salon de l’Agriculture, don’t miss the unmissable milking parlor and the show’s muse, the 4-year-old Abondance dairy cow Neige.

When faced with environmental challenges, new cultivation methods emerge. The 2022 International Agriculture Fair highlights many initiatives through experiential education spaces: At the AGRI’EXPO stand in the heart of pavilion 4, you will learn more about the use of agricultural materials. Meet at the AGRI’4.0 area, which is the meeting point for players in the transition to digital farming, professionals looking for something new, and the general public interested in digital solutions. With at least 70 start-ups, including 50 from La Ferme Digitale, a collective at the heart of collaborative innovation for productive, sustainable and civic agriculture.

Finally, producers from all regions of France gather at Pavilion 3 with a total of 400 exhibitors presenting visitors “France’s largest market for local products”: thousands of essential products to discover, taste or transport. Restaurants offer a menu of mainly local raw materials. Finally, entertainment is in the program.

What is the hundred cows of the 2022 Agriculture Fair?

As soon as you enter the Salon de l’Agriculture, don’t miss the star of the 2022 edition, Abondance dairy cow Neige. Find him in Pavilion 1 along with all the other cows, pigs, goats and sheep. The snow cow has been chosen as the face of the SIA 2022 show and will undoubtedly have all eyes on her. Neige is 4 years old and lives in Le Grand-Bornand. We owe reblochon, tomme or raclette cheeses to him. “This is the first time the Abondance breed is honored in the Show! This is an opportunity for me to promote the breed, our profession, our knowledge and our region because it is important to show the diversity and richness of the French farms”, Owner and breeder explains Philippe Missillier to France 3.

The ticket is valid for one day at the Salon de l’Agriculture. The price is 15 Euros for full price entry, 8 Euros for children 6 to 12 years old. Children under 6 years old accompanied by an adult are entitled to free admission. Here are the prices you should know:

  • Full price: 15 Euros
  • Children aged 6 to 12: 8 euros.
  • Children under 6 years old: free.
  • Group fee: 13 euros for groups of 15 to 49 adults and 12 euros for groups 50 and over.
  • Student: 8 Euros (if a valid student card is presented at the box office).
  • Visitor with PMR card: 10 Euro (if proof is presented at the checkout).
  • PMR visitor guide fee: 10 Euros.
  • buy tickets online

What is the plan of the Salon de l’Agriculture?

The locations of the animals are as follows: cattle, sheep, goats and pigs in the 1st pavilion, 2.1. dog and cat in pavilion, training farm in pavilion 4 and horses and donkeys in pavilion 6. Find all the places mentioned in the plan. Salon de l’Agriculture 2022.

What are the Agriculture Fair hours?

The hours of the Salon de l’Agriculture are the same from year to year: the halls of Porte de Versailles are open daily from 9 am to 7 pm. Attention old regulars: No more until 22:00 on Friday night!

Can we get an invitation to the Salon de l’Agriculture?

It is possible to get discounted prices and even invitations through certain trade fair partners. Invitations to 2022 will be flooding the web soon, but you’ll need to be reactive and/or enter contests to get them!

When is the 2022 Agriculture Fair taking place?

The Agricultural Fair is usually held at the end of winter, the last week of February and the beginning of March. In 2022, SIA will open its doors to the public on Saturday, February 26, 2022 and close on Sunday, March 6, 2022. That’s why the demonstration will run for two full weeks, for 15 days, which people are also waiting for… alongside (many) 2022 presidential candidates who should make it a must in the election campaign.

The Salon de l’Agriculture is held annually in the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Versailles, south of the capital. The full address is: 1 place de la porte de Versailles, 75013 Paris. It is recommended to go there by public transport. Line 12 (station: Porte de Versailles) and line 8 (Balard station) offer stops nearby. Same for the tram: line T2 (stop: Porte de Versailles) and line T3A (Porte d’Ivry).