Team building: definition and relevance


why team building ?

most team building is an Anglo-Saxon term that literally means “team building”. For the company, it consists of organizing an activity and collectively involving all employees. Activities can be sporting, recreational or cultural. They are carried out in teams, making it possible to weld and strengthen the bonds between employees.

method team building It originated in the United States in the 1980s, but the concept already existed long before that. Companies very quickly realized that organized activities make it possible to create a positive social climate in the company, thereby improving the general working conditions. It is a very effective tool for improving the social climate of the company, reducing potential conflicts and building employee engagement while tackling absenteeism.


Participatory management: features, interests and boundaries

for which activity team building ?

There are many activities to organize. team building productive. A single password: whether the activity is done in groups or teams. It is also recommended to prioritize challenging activities that are the aim of the project. team building it is also to let everyone do their best in a relaxed spirit. Some of the most popular team building activities include:

  • Treasure hunt: Employees are integrated into different teams and search for treasure using riddles and clues.
  • most paint ball : employees are divided into two teams and equipped with spray guns. They face each other in a good mood on a battlefield equipped with numerous hiding places.
  • Short film creation: collaborators are invited to bring their skills and ideas together to perform in front of a camera and create their own film.
  • Etc.

how to team building ?

All companies with at least ten employees, team building. The first step is to set clear goals. It will then be necessary to set a date and budget, choose an activity that inspires teams and is not far from the company. The activity should not only be fun, but also in line with the goals and values ​​of the company.

After the date, place and event are determined, it is essential to communicate about the event to inform each employee. Many companies hold an information meeting a few days before their activities. team building to explain the course of the day.

After a few days, it is recommended to collect the responses of the participants and thank them for their participation. It is also possible to summarize the benefits to be obtained from group activity.

why do team building ?

most team building It offers many advantages to both the participants and the company. Above all, it is an excellent way to strengthen bonds between employees and sometimes even create new affinities that will have a positive impact on collective tasks.

It also makes it possible to improve the skills and performance of employees, especially when the choice of activity is directly related to the business sector of the company.

In parallel, team building is an effective way to combat potential conflicts by resetting the counters. It encourages everyone’s creativity and helps increase motivation and facilitate communication.

For the company, team building not only to convey a dynamic and modern image, but also to build employee engagement and therefore transfer. Therefore, it is a profitable investment with positive effects in the short, medium and long term.