Testimony. Seven new complaints filed against Buitoni, ‘we believe there was negligence’

Buitoni received seven new complaints on Friday, May 27, of contamination with the E. Coli bacteria. A judicial investigation was opened and the investigating judge handled the case. In the Hauts-de-France region, where the most cases are seen in France, families talk about hell, and some follow the legal path.

This is the most serious health crisis in this area in the last 20 years.“Maître Richard Legrand launched as the source of seven new complaints against Buitoni at the Paris Court of Justice on Friday, May 27. These are added to fifteen complaints filed by families whose children were poisoned by the E. Coli bacteria.

As a matter of fact, the Italian brand, which is part of the Nestlé group, has been at the center of a health scandal since March. According to a report from Public Health France There are two deaths and 56 confirmed cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and infection with shiga toxin (STEC)-producing E. coli bacteria as of May 4. 55 of them are children. They all ate a pizza from the Fraich’Up series made in Caudry in Hauts-de-France.

The factory that produces the criminal pizzas was forced to halt production and recall all of its products in mid-March after the first cases of contamination were reported. The preliminary investigation began on the 22nd. A few days later, on the 30th, health officials announced that they had established a link between the consumption of Buitoni pizzas from the Fraich’Up line and the contamination of several dozen people.

Responsible for the file is the Public Health Pole of the Paris prosecutor’s office. HE kept the facts”deception on goods, displaying or selling harmful or defaced food products, marketing a product harmful to health, endangering others, unintentional injury and homicide.

Master Richard Legrand was convinced of this, “There is negligence in the production of these products at the factory in Caudry.“It reminds us that the images of the place are circulating in the media and social networks,” he said.This is disaster. In my opinion, negligence should be varied. Now we do not know where to install them, we will see in the coming days.“.

The opening of a judicial investigation and the appointment of the investigating judge on 12 May changes the situation. Families who bring lawyers and lawyers will be able to access the file “with”.various elements of investigations, searches made“that will allow them”move forward, shed light on this issue“.

An issue that concerns everyone, these are mass consumption products. Various families of victims also reached out to me regarding the Kinder incident. Now we need to take all necessary measures to ensure that such a tragedy does not happen again.

Maître Richard Legrand is not alone in dealing with these cases. The other lawyers are with the families. Foodwatch association also filed two complaints last week against Buitoni owner Nestlé and Kinder (in another health scandal).

Many families today are severely affected. Master Richard Legrand, of these”Families whose children may have severe forms such as HUS, kidney failure, and who can go to coma and, unfortunately, death”. For many they will hold”lifetime scars“.

Robin, 13 years old,one of the first to be infected“One of them in France. His mother, Chloé Pauvert, originally from Vis-en-Artois (Pas-de-Calais), filed a complaint”with another lawyer“He says. Support receipt says he bought Buitoni pizza on January 15. Son.”infected on January 17“. , they visit a GP who does not ring the alarm bell.

Worried, then they go to the emergency room in Arras, “but they sent us back with a dolipran saying it was a day after gastro.“Robin’s condition worsens. They soon decide to return to the emergency room, especially “his urine was brown and his eyes were yellow“.

He was later taken to the emergency room in Lille.His creatinine was almost 51 and his kidneys were not working at all.“. Diagnosis falls: suffering hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). The picture of the doctor in the hospital is: “vital prognosis kicked in“, continues Chloé Pauvert. Her sons are in the room with them, she hears everything and asks her father what happened “vital prognosis means“.

That’s when he realizes that death may be at hand. But his mother describes him as a warrior, a young boy who wants to live. He will stay in the hospital for 8 days and will be discharged with sequelae on February 5, a few days before his birthday: “She has pain in her lower abdomen, she has had a catheter for two months, a headache..“The list is long.

Today, the young man continued his life from where he left off, and even returned to school. Despite everything, he knows that he escaped death. “He is aware that he is almost dead, becomes aggressive when we speak again.“and she prefers to avoid it,” frets Chloé Pauvert. Every time her stomach ache, the young boy fears for his life. “She’s afraid of being hospitalized again“He can no longer take anti-inflammatory drugs and is now on a strict diet.”He should no longer eat salty food.Chloe concludes. The doctor, among other things, forbade him from chips for life.

Audrey Drouart of Ardres in Pas-de-Calais also went through hell with her 3-year-old son, Noah, who started vomiting.a kind of egg yolk“it doesn’t matter”classic vomiting” and “blood threads“Little boy, as this article describes”took off In the pediatric intensive care unit of the Jeanne de Flandres hospital in Lille. Vital prognosis kicked in“.

He was also diagnosed with HUS. Avoiding the worst, Noah receives minimal treatment for the next six months and must take two sachets of laxatives a day. Like Robin, he is placed on a salt-free diet. He has to do a urine test every week. During the interview, he was considering filing a complaint. We do not know if he has taken legal action since then.

She was going to kindergarten, but she is no longer allowed because her immune defense is completely depleted.

Audrey Drouart, Noah’s mother

From now on, Chloé Pauvert and her lawyer are determined to go, like the other families of contamination victims that Maître Richard Legrand watches.till the end“.

I will defend families to the end and families should receive compensationThe Paris lawyer insists. Perpetrators should be tried and punished, families should receive compensation in proportion to the damage they have suffered.

This lawsuit continues to this day.unique in this field“especially because it’s about”consumer products for everyone“and cases”spread all over FranceA Buitoni case seems to be slowly taking shape.