The ambitions of MIDIF’s new leader (electric)

Laurène Cerramon is managing MIDIF, based in Frontignan (Hérault). A takeover organized through the consulting company Marine Services Solutions, based in Balaruc-le-Vieux and also in Hérault. After fifteen years running Searov Offshore, a company specializing in inspection and underwater business, especially in West Africa, the leader wanted to embark on a new entrepreneurial challenge.

With MIDIF, it remains in the marine space and the company has historically been the exclusive importer and distributor in France of Mitsubishi marine and industrial engines, including a specific range of products marketed under the MIDIF Diesel name. A privilege that allows MIDIF to work on professional ships’ equipment.

But the company’s specialty is that it also caters to a wide range of needs, and that’s what concerns Laurène Cerramon. The operation was completed in December 2021, but MIDIF has just announced it.

MIDIF exists because of its experience and knowledge in marine mechanics since the 1950s, it has always been to find engine solutions for its customers. Laurène Cerramon, who took over the management of MIDIF. Today, however, we want to diversify our activities and meet the growing demand for electric motors. »

25% of electric motor sales

Because if MIDIF still generates 46% of its 3.44 million Euro turnover with Mitsubishi engines and spare parts sales, the company sees real enthusiasm for electric motors.

“Sales of electric motors have exploded over the past four years, with sustained growth of more than 60% per year excluding the Covid period, explains Laurène Cerramon about it. It currently represents 25% of our sales and we expect orders to double by 2022. These results are partly due to the development of online sales, which allows us to respond to direct demand from individuals. »

MIDIF offers a range of electric products for boating or recreational fishing, with outboard motors from the Haswing and Epropulsion brands. And the leader now relies on Epropulsion’s new hybrid engine, the H100 engine.

“This new 100 kWH hybrid engine makes it possible to meet professional needs such as equipping passenger ferries, tourism, sea rescue and even fishing. Continuing Laurene Cerrramon. This is another branch of activity for MIDIF. »

Strengthen the distribution

To follow the evolution of the needs for marine engines, MIDIF’s new director wanted to restructure the distribution network, particularly along the Atlantic coast and the Channel, as well as around large lakes and rivers, where regulations now limit its use. heat engines.

“The specialty of MIDIF is that it offers a wide range of power from less than 1 CV electric motors for Mitsubishi diesel engines to more than 2,600 CV for professional ships, so we have to be everywhere”, It’s filled with Gildas Neaud, who is currently on MIDIF’s former management team and is now head of commercial management for the company..

In addition to the appointment of Gildas Neud, Laurène Cerramon retained the six members that make up the historic MIDIF team. Now he aims to enrich his team with a new engine manufacturer, a specialist in the assembly of internal combustion engines, and a sales representative in the field.