The dream is to represent the country at international events, win gold medals for Jammu and Kashmir and India at the Olympics: Sadia Tariq


Indian Wushu star Sadia Tariq made the whole nation proud, especially Jammu and Kashmir, by winning the gold medal at the Moscow Wushu Star Championship held in Moscow, Russia, from February 22-28.

Sadia applauded and appreciated for his brilliant success in the world of sports.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to social media to wish the young Wushu champion. “Congratulations to Sadia Tarik, who won the gold medal at the Moscow Wushu Star Championships. His success will inspire many budding athletes. “I wish him the best for his future endeavours,” Modi said on Twitter.

J&K Deputy Governor Manoj Sinha also wished the actor brilliant success. “Congratulations to Sadia Tariq from Srinagar for winning the gold medal at this international championship. Showing great discipline, dedication, talent and mental toughness, she has made India proud of her important achievements. She is an inspiration to the athletes who grew up at UT. The vice-governor tweeted” te, I wish Sadia more success in the future,” he said.

Sadia Tariq from Bemina, Srinagar won consecutive gold medals at the 19th and 20th Junior National Championships held in Haryana and Jalandhar respectively. At the Moscow Wushu Stars Championship, Sadia beat a local favorite at the event to win the gold medal.

Entering the sport at a young age, Sadia trained at Presentation Convent Srinagar and began performing at school events when she was in her freshman year. “When we were in freshman year, our fitness teacher came into our classroom and announced our school sports tournament, I was the first to sign up for the event,” Sadia said.

Appreciating her family’s support from an early age, Sadia happily said, “I remember my father telling me that he would always support me if I was into sports. I was very happy and chose taekwondo as my game and started training the next day.”

After a year of training, Sadia started participating in regional and departmental level sporting events. “I went to my first school level competition organized by the Indian Army in Bandipora district and won a bronze medal. I started to be appreciated by my coaches and school management, who helped me keep my morale high in this area.”

After her success at local events, the star Wushu player began competing in national level events. “After winning bronze at local competitions, my coaches appreciated me and encouraged me to compete at national level, and that same year I went to New Delhi to compete at the 3rd Open Taekwondo Championships in India and won the bronze medal,” said a happy Sadia.

Sadia then started playing regularly and participated in many events such as the national junior taekwondo championships where she won her first gold medal. In 2018, Sadia won a bronze medal in Hyderabad for the International Junior Taekwondo Championships and also competed in Imphal, Nagaland for the 64th National School Games.

Sadia’s career changed when she decided to switch from Taekwondo to Wushu. Sadia said, “Our Kashmir Wushu General Manager and India Head Coach Kuldeep Handoo encouraged me to switch from Taekwondo to Wushu, which was difficult for me, but I took it as a challenge and started training for Wushu.” said. After proper training, Sadia started participating in professional Wushu events and earned her name.

“I participated in the National Wushu Championships held in Kolkata and won a bronze medal that motivated me and brought my love for this sport,” said Sadia.

Sadia’s older sister also participated in the sport and is a professional martial arts player. “I won a gold medal at the 2nd Junior National Championships in Haryana in March 2021, which my sister also attended. He also played in national level championships and state championships in Gujarat and won several gold medals,” he said.

Sadia has chosen the sport as a selfless career and she wants to make her country proud by getting more medals. “I don’t want to be a doctor or an engineer, my dream is to represent the country at international events and win Olympic gold for J&K and the country,” Sadia said confidently.

Sadia said that sports keep us away from mental anxieties such as anxiety, stress and depression and that all parents in the Valley should encourage their wards to actively participate in sports. She added that it was her and her mother’s dream to perform on an international stage, and that this dream came true by winning a gold medal on the international stage. She hopes the government will give full support to women athletes and provide them with a platform to showcase their unique talents.

The star Wushu player also made a strong appeal to all J&K parents to support and encourage their ward, especially girls in sports.

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