The European Union condemns the “indiscriminate bombings” in Mariupol, a “massive war crime”

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10:19 : correspondent in Ukraine echoes She posted a photo on Twitter near the Poznyaky metro station, where a building was bombed in Kyiv, Ukraine. “A woman nearby was collecting shards of glass covering the surrounding gardens.”

10:15 am : Can the Belarusian armed forces attack Ukraine? Researcher Anna Colin Lebedev debunks the issues on Twitter and reminds her of the importance of not equating the Russian army with the Belarusian army.

10:00 : “What happened in Mariupol is a major war crime. Indiscriminate shelling is devastating the city and killing everyone.”

09:40 : But thirty-one years after independence, Moscow’s shadow still hangs over Moldova. According to one survey, 26% of Moldova’s population occupied the Russian occupation. “a special liberation operation”words used by the Kremlin, which refuses to talk about the war.

09:40 : A little further on, Natalya of Russian and Bulgarian descent explained to me “We condemn the war” and hopes his country will return to the European Union. Like him, most Moldovans hope their country joins the EU.

Natalia Uzun, a resident of Chisinau (Moldova), crossed the city's central market on March 11, 2022.  (FABIEN JANNIC-CHERBONNEL / FRANCEINFO)


09:38 : Fruit salesman Yelena has announced she doesn’t want to leave. “Of course I’m scaredhe is telling. But I was born here and I have nowhere to go, so I stay.”

Yelena, fruit seller in the central market of Chisinau (Moldova), 11 March 2022. (FABIEN JANNIC-CHERBONNEL / FRANCEINFO)


09:37 :I went to Moldova for information on France, I went to the central market of the capital Chisinau, “the pulse of the country”. Passers-by told me that they were accustomed to living as neighbors of a country at war for fear of contagion.

Central market in Chisinau (Moldova), 11 March 2022. (FABIEN JANNIC-CHERBONNEL / FRANCEINFO)


09:01 : Here is the main information at 9 am:

• Ukraine rejected the Kremlin’s ultimatum demanding the surrender of the besieged city of Mariupol. “There is no question of surrendering or laying down arms. We informed the Russian side about this.”, said the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine. Follow our live stream.

• At least six people were killed in a bombardment in Kiev. The Retroville shopping center, northwest of the capital, was hit by a very powerful strike that pulverized vehicles and created an open crater several meters wide in the parking lot.

• While the average number of positive cases for Covid-19 carried by the BA.2 variant continues to rise, the Minister of Health confirms that there are no cases. “no place” Taking measures to stop the epidemic.

• Various operations are organized to block filter dams by truck drivers, taxi drivers and construction professionals to demand a helping hand or more government aid against the rise in fuel prices.

08:36 : “People live with their children and pets, like cats, dogs. I’ve even seen a rabbit. It’s scary. But at least it’s a safe place.”It describes Anastasia, a volunteer coordinating aid in the Kharkiv metro.

08:35 : Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, still experiences relentless strikes that kill many people every day. Refugees in the subway are trying their best to protect their inhabitants and survive. Franceinfo went to meet them.

08:28 : A German journalist from the daily newspaper Picture He shoots the shopping mall that was bombed in Kiev that night. Debris, destroyed vehicles, bent scraps littered the scene hundreds of meters.

8:25 : Seven Russian banks have been removed from the Swift messaging system, which is required for international transfers. Fearing the collapse of the system, the Russians rushed to the box office of their banks to withdraw their savings. According to Allianz, about 12% of Russian bank deposits were withdrawn within four days. echoes.

08:22 : Hello, at the moment it is difficult to know the exact effect of these sanctions on the Russian economy, but “Just days after the sanctions were announced, the value of the ruble collapsed”Iris Sylvie Matelly’s assistant principal recalls. The fall in the ruble has increased the cost of imports and therefore consumer purchases.

08:21 : Hello France info First of all thank you all very much for informing us Do you know if all the restrictions imposed by different states are bearing fruit in Russia Thanks

08:12 : The port city of Odessa, located far to the west on the southern coast of Ukraine, is preparing for a possible attack by the Russians. The RFI explains that if the city itself is guarded and barricades are erected, the exposed sea front is the place most soldiers watch.


07:31 : Germany, which wants to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, “accelerate” Construction of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals with Qatar. Many European countries are increasingly relying on LNG as an alternative to Russian gas, especially Germany, where half of its gas imports come from Russia.

07:25 : “Currently over 80% of Mariupol’s infrastructure is damaged or destroyed. About 40% of that 80% is not recoverable.”

The UN defined the humanitarian situation in the city as follows:“extremely serious”, “Residents facing critical and life-threatening shortages of food, water and medicine”.

(Anadolu Agency via AFP)

06:53 : US President Joe Biden will travel to Warsaw on Friday to meet with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda. “There is no plan to go to Ukraine”White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said:

06:53 : A journalist from Agence France Presse noted that at least six people were killed in the bombing that took place in Kiev last night. Six bodies lay outside the Retroville shopping center in the northwest of the Ukrainian capital this morning.


07:20 : Mickaël Siacca, a Frenchman with no military experience, joined the Ukraine International Legion on 13 March. When the Yavoriv military base on the Polish border was bombed, it was on the Polish border. France 2 met him on his return to France.

06:07 : According to the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Independent, The governor of Sumi region said ammonia leaked from the Sumykhimprom chemical plant at 4:30 am local time after a Russian airstrike.

06:07 : Ukrainian authorities have asked residents of the town of Novoselytsya to seek shelter due to a “leak” of ammonia at a nearby chemical plant. The extent and cause of the incident is currently unclear, but residents have been asked to take shelter in basements or low-rise buildings to avoid exposure.


06:08 : We evaluate the news:

• Ukraine “He will not lay down his gun, he will not leave the city” He besieged Mariupol, reassured the Deputy Prime Minister. The Russian Ministry of Defense appealed to Kiev. “drop your arms” and demanded “written answer” to your ultimatum by 5 o’clock today. Follow our live stream.

In a video posted on Telegram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky predicted that Jerusalem would be. “the right place to find peace”.

• After a controversial match, Marseille defeated Nice (2-1) at the end of day 29 of Ligue 1. Marseille took only second place in the championship.

• The world’s 20th player, American Taylor Fritz, won the Indian Wells Masters 1000 for the first time in his career by defeating Spanish Rafael Nadal 6-3, 7-6 (7/5) in the final and is a big favorite.