The first “hot” breath is expected this week in France!

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The first burst of “heat” is expected this week in France.

As expected, a Mediterranean event affected southeast France heavy rainy weekend sometimes notable at this time of year. This morning, Hérault department placed orange vigilance Due to a significant overflow of Orb in the Béziers sector.

Moreover, the region with the most rain in the last few hours is Hérault. At least 426 millimeters were recorded in just 48 hours at Castanet-le-Haut. Béziers recorded a cumulative rainfall of 105 millimeters. in Aude, 153 millimeters dropped in Narbonne and 204 millimeters at the weekend Castans.

If new precipitation is expected in this area in the next few hours, they must not cause the waterways to react. Elsewhere, it will be a nice improvement with the sun’s return and the softness. The sweetness will also increase day by day. The first burst of “heat” is also expected this week in France.

The sun’s return to the north

This morning, The sun has returned and dominates a large northern half of the country. In the south, weather conditions are a little more chaotic, the sky is still quite cloudy and still some rain between the Pyrenees and Cévennes. However, these precipitation much weaker and it will not limit the decline that has begun. Some precipitation also concerns the eastern side of Corsica.

The symbolic 25-degree bar can be approached in France on Wednesday afternoon!

This afternoon, the fine weather will continue with a cloudy sky in the north of the country. Cloud cover will still be thicker over central regions Between La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and Grenoble. Weather will be unstable in the south rains continue more in the direction of Languedoc-Roussillon. Snowfall will continue in the Pyrenees above 2000 meters altitude.

Temperatures are trending lower this morning and -1°C in Aurillac and 11°C in Bastia. 1°C in Bourges and Limoges, 3°C in Rouen, 4°C in Toulouse, 5°C in Paris and Bordeaux, 6°C in Biarritz, 8°C in Nice and 10°C in Marseille °C. this afternoon, a nice sweetness will invite itself over the country 12°C in Aurillac, 14°C in Brest, Lille and Montpellier, 16°C in Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg and Lyon, 17°C in Marseille and 19°C in Ajaccio.

A hot flash is expected in the middle of the week!

Tomorrow, the rains that have hit the south of France in the last few hours It will rise towards the north of the country with a flow from the south. In fact, some rain is still expected at noon, north of the Seine, between the Île-de-France and its northeastern borders. Rain is still expected around Languedoc-Roussillon. in another place, fine weather should reign again in the afternoon with a very nice mildness.

sweetness french spring
Greater mildness is expected on Wednesday in much of the country.

Wednesday, First “hot flashes” of the year expected in France with temperatures often exceeding the 20°C mark during the day: 20°C in Nancy, Poitiers and Montélimar, 21°C in Limoges, Paris and Reims, 22°C in Lyon, 23°C in Bourges and Clermont-Ferrand and 24°C in Auxerre and Grenoble.

The nice mild and generally sunny weather should continue into the second half of the week in the north of the country. On the other hand, the weather is expected to be very cloudy and rainy in the southern parts. Head north next weekend for your weekend plans!