The French Cycling Federation relies on women’s coaching


The French Cycling Federation is on the verge of a promising year in women’s cycling, determined to be a year of administrative transformation. Between the bonus debates and the creation of all new races, we discuss the situation with Mathilde Dupré, the national technical adviser responsible for the feminization of sport and the prevention of sexist and sexual violence.

“Arousing the desire to come and do cycling in a federated system, like thispassion Engaged to the French Cycling Federation feminization plan Ambitious since 2015, the organization positions the women’s bike and its diversity as the main and strategic axes of its development. Thus, the FFC multiplies initiatives and event operations to support promoting diversity in its sport. A special honor point is awarded to management for 2022.

“It is true that the number of license holders has increased in recent years. But we saw that we were sorely lacking in female supervision.” Refers to Mathilde Dupré. “The more female oversight we have, the more opportunities we will give women the opportunity to come and practice. »

2022 is the year dedicated to the cycling professions

State administrators, mechanics, sports directors, sports trainers, top coaches, as well as top athletes: the red thread of this new Olympiad is the cycling professions. “Our role in our feminization plan is to support women in their careers. »

“More and more women are turning to management education. »

Mathilde DUPRE FFCAccording to Mathilde Dupré, observation is important today, “More and more women are turning to management education. » The challenge for the FFC is therefore to support this structure, offer education and promote professions. “You have to show it’s possible, for example a woman could be a mechanic. Also, I recently started a women’s call for applications because we don’t have female mechanics on our teams in France. Men especially told me “you can’t find it”. You just have to deal with men and I bet I’ll find a woman. I had 4 female candidates in 15 days. So there is. Deals are available. »

For more feminine occupations

The specific job description to look for a female mechanic might come as a surprise, but the differential treatment doesn’t surprise the former member of the China national team’s coaching team: “We will not hide that women should be treated differently. Now mindsets are changing as well, of course, but we still have a heavy cultural weight. We’re in the right car, don’t miss this train over there. »

This train is now exactly crossing the square of the equality of premiums. The subject that animates the canvas. In FFC, this “great construction site”. “There is parity on the price grids in our mountain bike and track bike tours in France. On the road, at the bargaining stage. This is a topic that comes up all the time: equality everywhere, from the awards ceremony to our communication screens and our bonuses. It should be one of our automatisms that women cyclists are as visible as men.”, concludes Mathilde Dupré. The national technical adviser wants to take action at all action levels.

Interview with Aurélie Bresson

Photo credit: FFC

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