The French manufacturer who reinvented the sports car!


A car unlike any other and that looks like something straight out of Michel Vaillant’s early 1950s comics.

This very compact two-seater roadster is more reminiscent of the great years of motorsport pioneers, certainly more Fangio than Hamilton.

But it is neither a historic car nor an old F1. Indeed, it is a new car built in France to drive on the roads.

There are no robots here, everything is done by hand.

There are no robots here, everything is done by hand.

An enthusiast at the controls

The Devalliet project is led by Hervé Valliet, 57, who for nearly three decades has been the boss of a company specializing in the design and manufacture of thin sheet metal for industry.

It also manufactures special fittings for professional vehicles. A car enthusiast, Hervé Valliet was also a world champion in radio-controlled cars. However, the first model of the young brand is indeed 1/1 scale.

We'll have to wait a few more months for marketing.

We’ll have to wait a few more months for marketing.

French know-how

Taking its name from the famous Italian circuit, Mugello is made with production tools and the latest technologies.

Hand-assembled in a private workshop at the foot of the Vercors regional park, this car is anything but DIY. The team consists of ten highly qualified people.

Each buyer will leave with their tools and a photo album, following each stage of production. Do not expect a gigafactory worthy of Tesla, everything here is made by hand and is numbered and signed with the name of each car owner. All finishing details can be customized by the buyer.

Classic look but modern design

Classic look but modern design

a real sports car

Mugello is entirely dedicated to driving pleasure. The open body offers the feel of a true roadster in contact with the road and the air. The suspension is fully adjustable, while the bodywork makes no compromises. The keyword for this first model is lightness.

Mugello was announced at 680 kilos for 225 horsepower! A power-to-weight ratio worthy of the biggest sports cars. The geometry of the car is fully adjustable, which is proof of the care taken in handling.

Parallelism, camber, hunting are configurable. We’re moving away from the world of sports cars to get closer to the settings of Formula 1.

Mugello delivers class-leading performance

Mugello delivers class-leading performance

large series parts

The transmission comes from Mazda, while the mechanics are entrusted to Stellantis with the original Peugeot engines rated at 130 or 220 horsepower in three- or four-cylinder Turbo versions. An obvious choice that promises a certain quality and ease of maintenance in the vehicle.

But beware, the hull, running gear, bodywork and trims are crafted in-house by craftsmen.

The Mugello is a special car. If the manufacturer does not officially announce the prices, we know that the prices are around €90,000 depending on the level of customization desired.

Designed by the first Devalliet enthusiasts

Designed by the first Devalliet enthusiasts

The hardest part hasn’t been done yet

If the company Devalliet has already conquered a community of fans and car enthusiasts, then nothing is gained. The brand plans to produce around thirty of these original cars per year.

According to the latest news, homologation has not been completed yet. A complex step that will be the last obstacle to an anticipated commercialization.