The latest ecosystem news

Following the Genesis news along with the ecosystem funding announcement, Aptos brought the latest news about its ecosystem. They are particularly concerned with partnerships and also with the evolution of their community.

Results of nodes and registers after testnet

Collaboration and fundraising for the Aptos blockchain

Aptos has raised funds for the development of its ecosystem. It was led by a16z and participants are MultiCoin Capital, Haun Ventures, ParaFi Capital, IRONGREY, Hashed, Variant, FTX, Paxos and Coinbase. Developers and manufacturers also participated. This fundraiser brought in $200 million.

Aptos’ goal is to bring one billion people to Web3. With this in mind, he decided to collaborate with big web leaders like Google. Cooperation with the latter will allow him to get closer to this goal. At the same time, Pontem Network will be a part of the construction and development journey of Aptos.

The evolution of the ecosystem

Some progress has been made as part of the development of the Aptos ecosystem. First of all, after the developer testnet was released two months ago, the progress is remarkable. There are currently over 18,000 active and functioning full nodes. This figure ranks first among communities of proof-of-stake (PoS) nodes. In this way, Aptos is slowly moving towards its goal of becoming the most decentralized blockchain.

Also, following this test netnow possible to move To the Aptos ecosystem. To date, the blockchain has received more than 30,000 registrations and registration is still possible for newcomers.

Then, during this month of May, the first Aptos Hackathon was held. During this time, many extraordinary projects can be built in less than 36 hours. These projects are related to different areas: portfolio, games, AMM, order books, NFT infrastructure etc. The projects are financially supported by Aptos, which always welcomes developers who wish to participate in its evolution through this hackathon.

Finally, developers and builders can join the Aptos featured channel on Discord. You can also join Move Monday. As part of this, Aptos is creating Move tutorials, changing token standards, suggestions for improvements, and more. The ecosystem will always pay attention to the projects and the perspectives of the users.


Aptos’ goals include creating projects to build a secure and scalable Web3 community for over 1 billion people. Blockchain is currently under development and the results look good. It remains to see how they can manage a growing community.

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