the latest news on the offensive in Donbass today

War in Ukraine, day 55: the latest news today on the offensive in Donbass

UKRAINE. It was expected, even feared. The offensive of the Russian army in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, was launched last night. There were also strikes all weekend around Kyiv and in the west. Latest news on the war in Ukraine on Tuesday, April 19, 2022…

in MariupolAccording to the Russian news agency Ria, pro-Russian separatists from Donbass, supported by the Russian army, launched an attack on the Azovstal metallurgical plant, based on the communications of the separatists. A Ukrainian fortress was formed at the factory in the west of the city recently. For the Institute for War Studies, an American institute that has been at the forefront of analyzing the situation on the ground, Russian forces will likely want to force the factory’s last defenders to surrender with overwhelming firepower to avoid “costly clean-up operations”. But the last Ukrainian soldiers on the scene seem determined to organize one last stand.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has asked Moscow to open humanitarian corridors in Berdyansk and Mariupol, particularly in the Azovstal complex, where “many Ukrainian civilians” reside. On Tuesday morning, the Mariupol City Council claimed that Azovstal had been bombed and had “assured Telegram that at least 1,000 civilians, most of them women, children and the elderly, were in the underground bunkers of the metallurgical complex.”

The ISW considers it likely that the Russians have seized the port of Mariupol since April 16, despite the denials of the Ukrainian chief of staff. Russian forces released images confirming their presence at several key points in the southwest of the city, including the port itself. It is possible that isolated Ukrainian resistance groups will remain active, but they will “probably be eliminated by Russian forces in the coming days”. “Our soldiers are still there. They will fight to the end,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal said, according to AFP.

in DonbassThe Russian offensive, which has been feared in recent days, started on the night of Monday, 18 – Tuesday, April 19th. Russia announced on Tuesday morning that it had carried out “dozens of airstrikes” and missile strikes throughout the night. Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on “aerospace high-precision missiles” that Ukraine “neutralized” thirteen military installations and “neutralized” the “concentrations” of troops near the key city of Sloviansk in the Donetsk region.

These massive bombings were also reported by the Ukrainian authorities, who stated that fighting continued in the towns of Rubizhne, Popasna and Kreminna. This city with a population of 18,000 would come under Russian control. About fifty kilometers northeast of Kramatorsk, the capital of the Donbass coalfield, a region partially controlled since 2014 by pro-Russian separatist forces is the Kremlin’s next target.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “We can now say that the Russian troops have started the Donbass war, which they have been preparing for a long time. A very large part of the entire Russian army is now devoted to this offensive.” A conversation posted on Telegram and reported by AFP. “Hell. The attack we’ve been talking about for weeks has begun,” the Ukrainian governor of the Lugansk region said on Facebook. The chief of staff of Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that “the second phase of the war in Ukraine has begun.”

After the Boutcha massacre, which took place in the first weeks of the conflict, Vladimir Putin claims that this unit committed the massacre of civilians in Boucha, 64. Ukraine, which was active in the region between February 24 and the end of March, on the outskirts of Kiev, but Moscow denies this. Vladimir Putin gave this brigade an honorary title yesterday, especially for his “heroism”, “perseverance” and “great professionalism”.

massive US aid The assault weapons ($800 million) promised by Joe Biden to Volodymyr Zelensky this week are about to be delivered. On Tuesday, April 19, the United States announced that the first shipments of the new tranche of military aid arrived at the borders of Ukraine to be delivered to the military the day before. This aid drew the reaction of Russia. According to an article in the Washington Post on Thursday, Russian diplomacy sent President Biden a two-page note saying that this new arms delivery to Ukraine “is exacerbating the conflict” and “could have unforeseen consequences”.

Bombings also occurred in Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine yesterday, killing at least three people. “According to the district attorney’s office, a man and a woman were killed by artillery shells that fell on a children’s playground in a residential area at the end of the morning. At least five people were killed in a series of armed attacks there already on Sunday. Russian strikes,” writes AFP. The second largest city in Ukraine, this city in the northeast has been the subject of intense fighting since the start of the war, but remained in Ukrainian hands. According to several observers, the Kharkiv region and the Izyum region, about 120 km to the south, where troops had gathered en masse in recent days, would serve as the base for the Russian offensive against Donbass.

Bombs fell in Lviv in the last hours of this war in Ukraine. Away from the front, close to the Polish border, this western city nevertheless became a haven for displaced Ukrainians and even housed the French embassy in Ukraine for a time. Russian authorities claim that yesterday there destroyed a large warehouse of foreign weapons “delivered to Ukraine by the United States and European countries in the last six days.” The regional governor confirmed the launch of a cruise missile targeting military facilities from the Caspian Sea. More generally, the war in Ukraine is resuming in the west; There are no soldiers on the ground, but the bombings were predominantly heavy on Monday, which left seven dead and “eleven wounded, including a child,” according to local officials. The Russian military claims on Monday that it hit a total of 16 Ukrainian military sites, mainly housing ammunition and Tochka-U tactical missiles.

in Kiev Several strikes have been reported this weekend in and around the city. An arms factory housing “Polish mercenaries” was destroyed at the end of last week, according to the Kremlin. Despite the withdrawal of Russian troops since the end of March, the war did not end in the capital. Russia announced on Friday that it will increase its air strikes in Kiev, citing Ukraine’s attacks on Russian soil. The French Ministry of Defense reported last Thursday that “the bombardment has resumed in the west of Ukraine, especially in the north of Kiev”.

Since the beginning of the conflict, maps have played a key role in understanding the Russian military operation and watching the situation in Ukraine live. Several press agencies as well as specialized institutes and the French, Ukrainian and international media offer maps and charts that are updated daily. Some of these maps provide real-time tracking of the latest events, while others focus on key events from the last 24 hours.