The most common mistakes made while playing sports in the summer


Web site sports practice For many people it is an important part of their daily life. Maintaining a good exercise routine is essential for physical well-being and a healthy habit in daily life.

Exercise planning is important for proper exercise. distribution and dose of effort. But beyond the plans that each individual can make, there are always external factors that condition their fitness routine.

One of these meteorologyChanges in weather with changing temperatures and events such as rain, snow or wind can greatly affect our sporting activities.

Summer is one of the periods when this fact is seen the most. Web site high temperatures poses an additional risk to consider, sometimes forcing us to think about certain things. tips to ensure that our exercise does not introduce new risks or problems.

we explain below BIG MISTAKES questions that we do or do not take into account and that can condition our summer sports practice.

hydration issues

neglect to supply water or other fluids that help the body function properly is one of the main problems seen at any time of the year when the body needs more intake. consume the least two liters of water a day This is the main point that should not be overlooked. From there, it is recommended that you always have access to a glass of water during our workout; this may be easier when doing activities like cycling or running.

Routine changes

High temperatures sometimes force us to change our habits in terms of physical activity. This isn’t a bad thing in itself, but remember that our bodies appreciate maintaining habits we’re used to. That’s why sometimes we notice performance drops relates to a poor distribution of effort. he tries plan your activities as much as possibleThe goal is to maintain certain constants, but at the same time introduce variables that allow the body to adapt and still be able to optimize the use of effort.


It’s never good to overdo the intensity or duration of physical activity, but summer is an especially critical time. It is preferable to mark evolution as: consistencyslow is better than speed when it comes to incorporating work new physical loads. Excess can trigger undesirable physiological reactions and actually inhibit them rather than improve performance and exert effort.


Sometimes in the summer, we decide to skip the phase of the process. Warming Applying before any physical activity or in a milder way as it is less pleasant at high temperature. This is a big mistake, because our body needs to get in shape before being subjected to any physical activity. exercise at a certain intensity. Take a few minutes to do your pre-workout routines normally without skipping steps.

diet mistakes

Summer often causes us to change our eating habits. We eat lighter, in different amounts, and with much more variable nutrient intakes. forget it brutal diets or significantly reduce calorie intake. Maintain an adequate, healthy and varied diet by providing your body with essential nutrients. foods The foods it needs to function properly, but without falling for the less healthy foods that are sometimes more common this middle of the year.