The polls are closed except for Nancy, follow us through the evening of round 1

19:25 – How does counting work?

Sample Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy How to count: For the count, everyone is given sealed envelopes containing 100 ballots each.

Here, in the 1st round in 2017, Emmanuel Macron took first place with 27.3% of the votes cast.

HAS verdun, another necessary check: in office number 2, in the Cassin room, we count the number of signatures. One vote is too many in the ballot box. Someone may have left without signing… This issue will be reported as there are too many envelopes. There may also be those who put two envelopes in the ballot box.

emergency room picture

emergency room picture

19:05 – At Bouigny (55), the count begins

” Finished ! “. It’s 7:00 pm, the Bouigny evaluators prepare for the count. In the polling station of the town hall, there are 330 out of 472 registered voters, that is, about 70% turnout.

“There were a lot of people, a lot of young people,” we are told. Until the last minute, evaluators hoped to welcome a new voter. Ultimately that was not the case, the last family arrived around 6:30pm.

7pm – Everything in Lorraine closes except Nancy

Now the counting of votes can begin.

We rushed until the last moment to vote in Epinal. Photos by VM/ L. DIDIER

6 pm – New attendance figures in Lorraine

Attendance at 18:00 verdun It was 62.98%, or 4.94% less, versus 67.92% in 2017. However, he has until 19:00 to put the ballot in the ballot box.

HAS Pont-a-MoussonIn 2017, the turnout rate per ballot box was 69.31% at the same time, versus 65.86% versus 69.31%.

emergency room picture

emergency room picture

17:45 – 80% stake in Haironville (55)

HAS haironvilleIn the Meuse, a commune between Saint-Dizier and Bar-le-Duc, attendance is estimated at more than 80%. An hour and a half before the polls close, the number of participants was already close to this threshold.

“We had a lot of turnout,” says deputy mayor José Charoy, when his colleague Laurence Charpentier entered the analysis:

Either there is a real awareness or people are afraid.

They unanimously agree that the ballot papers found in the (often emptied) ballot boxes leave little room for doubt about the residents’ favorite candidate. “I think it will still be a big surprise,” one of the elevators concludes.

Some personalities from Lorraine who voted this Sunday.

17:30 – Some attendance figures

HAS verdunParticipation was 60.13% versus 64.53% in 2017, a decrease of 4.4 percentage points reflecting national-level figures.

on the edge Pont-a-MoussonAt 16:00 we voted 57.32% (against 60.89% in 2017).

In northern Meurthe-et-Moselle, in Longwyturnout was 58.83% at 5 pm.

What to remember from voting day in Lorraine

We’ve been voting since 8 o’clock this morning, as elsewhere in Lorraine. Overall, attendance dropped across all four departments by 5pm, even if we had hoped for a small jump in Meurthe-et-Moselle after the noon numbers.

Young and old, anonymous and personalities went to the voting booths with some stories on this special day: Camille and Justine in Nancy, just before going to vote, in Rio, Sylviane, Saint-Dié, mentally retarded, “happy” first-time voters, or Residents of Porcelette (Moselle) using the ballot box to take action against the photovoltaic park.

Voting day is over. Find our live stream this morning here

The place to count down from 7pm before a big election night on our site.

17:00 – 62.94% attendance at the Grand Est at 17:00

After a smooth start, there was a citizen rally in the afternoon. According to the estimates of the governorship, at 17.00, Attendance exceeds 60% in four Lorraine departments.
In the Grand Est region, it was 62.94% at 5pm, compared to 69.68% in 2017.

The participation rate on the Moselle reached 63.11% this Sunday afternoon. In 2017, it was 65.72%. The Moselle has the lowest participation rate of the four Lorraine departments.

On the Meurthe-et-Moselle side, more voters went to the polls. Participation was 25.19% at noon. It increased to 62.95% at 17.00. In 2017, it was 67.56%.

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According to the latest estimates from polling agencies, this Sunday’s election could be abstained. It’s a growing trend in France since the last two elections in 2012 and 2017. At the national level, 22.23% abstained in the 1st round in 2017 and 20.52% in 2012.

However, the presidential election remains the election that moves voters the most. By comparison, high abstention rates were seen in previous legislative elections (51.3% in the 1st round in 2017, 42.8% in 2012) and in the last district and department elections (66.7% in 2021). The 2020 municipal elections also showed little action: 55.25% in the 1st round in 2020.

16:45 – Only three hours left until the names of the candidates for the second round are known

Since 8 o’clock this morning, the French have been called to go to the polls for the 1st round of the 2022 Presidency. Relive the first part of this big election day in Lorraine by clicking here.

Most polling stations in the Lorraine area will close at 7 PM, giving way to the initial counts. On the other hand, Voters in Nancy can go to the polls until 8 p.m. this year..

The first results will be announced on this page from 8:00 pm.

16:30 – Who are the 12 candidates and what are their suggestions?

Nathalie Arthaud, Fabien Roussel, Emmanuel Macron, Jean Lassalle, Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Valérie Pécresse, Philippe Poutou and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan received the 500 sponsorships needed to promote themselves. ERV assembly

For several months, the entire editorial team of the EBRA* group has been mobilized to lead you to this election. Find the profiles of the 12 ongoing candidates and key proposals made during their discussions with our readers.

*EBRA Group brings together the following daily newspapers: L’Alsace, Latest News from Alsace, L’Est Républicain, Le Républicain Lorrain, Vosges Matin, Le Progrès, Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire, Le Bien Public and Le Dauphiné Published.