The region will eventually have an indoor sports complex


After being rejected twice in recent years, the project to build an indoor sports complex in Cégep de Thetford can finally go ahead.

The Quebec government has accepted a $5 million funding request submitted by the educational institution under the new Support Program for Sports and Recreation Infrastructure in Schools and Higher Education (PSISRSES). The total value of the project is estimated at 12 million dollars. MRC des Appalaches has committed to invest $4 million in it. Cégep will complete the financial arrangement.

Robert Rousseau, managing director of Cégep, believes this sports complex is a development lever for his organization and for society as a whole. (Letter Frontenac – Jean-Hugo Savard)

The new infrastructure will be built right next to the Pavillon Desjardins. It will feature a synthetic turf surface that allows for the practice of a variety of sports activities such as football, soccer, frisbee and even baseball. Hiking and community activities will also be possible.

The second half provides several stages organized to allow for the offering of activities such as cheerleading, gymnastics, circus arts, martial arts, and more. A walkway will also be set up on the second floor for visitors to attend games or events. If necessary, an expansion is already in the plans.

Receiving this grant is great news for Robert Rousseau, Managing Director of Cégep de Thetford, as the project will become a reality. “This assistance allows us to complete the financial package for the construction of this building, which will meet the needs of both students and people of all ages. Now that all the prerequisites have been met, it will take until the next few months to tie the ropes to move forward with the construction work. »

The site should launch in 2023 to be used from 2025.

Mr Rousseau adds that this complex will allow his organization to continue its development in the sport for the sake of its students. “This infrastructure will play an important role for certain sports such as football, soccer and others, while also encouraging the addition of new disciplines to the organization’s offering. »

It is also aimed that this project will be of great importance for the people of the region, because about thirty organizations supported the steps towards its realization. Mr. Rousseau said: “We must not forget the positive impact that this new sports infrastructure will have at the regional level, once construction is complete, for all citizens from early childhood to the elderly, but also to become an additional lever that allows our collective development.

MNA Isabelle Lecours is delighted to announce the $5 million involvement of the Quebec Government. (Letter Frontenac – Jean-Hugo Savard)

great news

For Isabelle Lecours, MNA of Lotbinière-Frontenac, this announcement is excellent news for the population of the MRC des Appalaches. “This project has been long awaited by the community and there is no doubt that the Cégep de Thetford sports complex will significantly improve the quality of life for everyone. Moving is synonymous with well-being, and more and more people will have access to places conducive to doing so. »

Jacynthe Patry (Courrier Frontenac – Jean-Hugo Savard), governor of the MRC des Appalaches

Governor Jacynthe Patry was happy that it was a regional project. “We believe in this. All the mayors voted in favor of the financial participation of the MRC des Appalaches. I am very proud. A facility that will serve both sports associations and citizens depending on the activities that will develop there. »

Note that this is a third project presentation. The first request was submitted by Cégep de Thetford in 2018 but was not accepted. Two years later, Thetford Mines Council tried its luck, but was unsuccessful, by offering an enhanced version for $16 million as part of a program for municipalities. Finally, last December, Cégep de Thetford presented a downwardly revised project within the framework of PSISRSES. This last attempt will be the right one in the end.