The touching words of the singer at the end of Florent Pagny: The Voice 2022

Florent Pagny, who has been battling lung cancer for months, gave an emotional speech after the finale of The Voice this Saturday evening.

Courage lesson. On Saturday, May 21, 2022, at the end of the eleventh edition of The Voice, which ended with a victory for Florent Pagny, a candidate from his team, he insisted on attending the live broadcast of the show despite the heavy treatment he was receiving. He gave a touching speech against lung cancer.

“Overall, it’s true that it’s usually talents who come to explain to us that they’re having a good time because the people on this set are phenomenal. The technicians, the musicians, the production, all the people accompanying us… Anyway, I can say that I am a coach with ten seasons, I am in my eleventh year and I can say this. That’s the truth,” said the translator of “Savoir Aimer,” who led an island to victory five times.

“If this program is this good, it’s because you have the best in every position, in every profession that accompanies an adventure like this,” he continued. “So it creates a situation where, eleven years later, we have the audience, the curiosity, and the extraordinary talents, where we have Nikos, who is still great, who comes and does things that make us feel very emotional. I wanted to say that I had really great years and I am so happy to have spent so much time with all these people, so I thank you all,” he added, thanking everyone who has supported him tirelessly, his wife and children of course, but also the public and even the public. the “boss” of the fan club.

It is the attention that greatly affects the audience, as evidenced by the many messages posted on social networks.

Singer is coming back soon

“After Ses I continue my last chemo and after that it’s over! I will correct myself, enjoy life, close to nature with my loved ones and this is a chance. I’ll be checking back regularly during this six-month break. I’ll be back later,” Florent Pagny said in an interview for Gala in early May, before the final live stages of The Voice kick off.

“I’m coming out of the tunnel,” he said. I went through pure chemotherapy fighting with rays: heartache for twelve days, no joke anymore! You know, seasickness you get after a week on land. The first two were easier to combine chemotherapy and immunotherapy. I reacted so well that we were sped up with radiation and harder chemotherapy. The latest news I got from myself is if I put it that way, the tumor was very small, it was the size of a good kiwi, I went to the hazelnut after two chemotherapy treatments,” he says.

After a well-deserved rest, the song will return, he said. “My closest ones wrote me a caption, but first I need to collect some before I save as I lost my muscle. It would be difficult to sing too long. Now, I’m going to share a piece with the guys at The Voice (he did great during the live, editor’s note). Since I haven’t been singing for a while, I’ll see how I breathe. But as long as my voice is there, so am I! I will not give up! And I will finish it after I get my tour back!” she added, referring to the series of concerts she held for her 60th birthday that she had to postpone to continue her treatment.