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Despite the health crisis, the signals for tourist investment in France remain green, according to the latest barometer released by Ancoris. Even the market is booming, according to the economic development firm specializing in the identification and development of workplace projects in France. The company managed to observe a 14% increase in installations compared to the previous year. The rate of abandoned or postponed projects decreased by 40%. “We stated that in the first half of 2021, the health crisis affected the quality of the projects, not the quantity of tourism projects, he details the firm. At the beginning of 2022, we confirm the observation: Ancoris has identified as many projects in 2021 as in 2020, especially innovative, hybrid and disruptive projects. 2021 confirms investor confidence in the tourism sector. »

hybrid projects

And Ancoris has a front row seat to witness the development of a new proposal in France. “The biggest innovation of this second period lies in the emergence of particularly hybrid projects that break existing codes and open up to residents through projects that become “living spaces”, including “ultra-local” offerings that combine accommodation, catering, workspace and the shop. products and places allocated to residents (association buildings, medical office, utilities, etc.)

New projects, new profiles? It really looks that way. “We are increasingly noticing the arrival of what we call ‘large accounts in progress’,” says Guillaume Gady. These are regional-scale groups that are starting to have two or three accommodations, he explains. For example, the concept Evi Hob, developed by Franck Le Roux and his team, which aims to revive small hotels away from big cities.

“A company like Evi Hob ​​is symptomatic of a trend that is starting to take it to the next level,” Guillaume Gady analyzes. We are seeing more and more projects coming with similar concepts, very dependent on the regions and the terrain, to the point where the revitalization of the regions is an integral part of their commercial space. »

Guillaume Gady continues, “This is what we call large emerging accounts, where we create an additional class of investors in addition to large accounts and independent entrepreneurs. There is a real modulation in the investment market, with this new class of investors coming to the fore strongly, carrying concepts related to the expectations of customers in order to replicate or multiply their models on the scale of several regions or regions. Ancoris list of new investors, not yet known to the public, who want to “break the codes” by offering meaningful experiences with high value-added projects adapted to the new expectations of customers. This new class of investors represents more than 15% of the projects identified by the Ancoris tourism team.

Acceleration in CSR

Regions wishing to attract these new profiles will need to adapt to improve their offerings and tourist appeal. “He draws attention to Ancoris for being reactive and immediately attracting investor attention when a project is detected (hybrid hotels, ecotourism areas, mixed projects, “green” hotels, extraordinary… cabins) or innovative accommodation and quality ancillary services ( personal development, leisure or sports activities, leisurely tourism, experiences, well-being), environmentally friendly and the construction of hybrid hotels that combine regional anchoring.” Sought places are sometimes rare: marinas or farmland, for example, observe Ancoris.

Guillaume Gady is another key trend that these new profiles often find themselves in: “42% of projects identified in 2021 are part of a strong environmental approach,” says Guillaume Gady. We are seeing real acceleration,” he insists. To support professionals, Ancoris has created its own CSR indicators. “Regions also have increasingly strong expectations on the subject, they want impact projects that take into account regional and local connections. It is especially important for anything that will become a source of supply. (…) The idea is for this project to fit perfectly into its surroundings, says Guillaume Gady. It’s great for regions to work with project leaders who want to invest, create jobs, and build a strong understanding of life in the region and its ecosystem. These are the people who came to love him, this region, and therefore stay there. »

The amount invested is also significant: in 2021, 35% of projects were between 500,000 and one million euros, 26% were between 1 and 3 million euros, and 18% even exceeded 3 million euros. until 2020.

* 2020 and 2021 data from the processing of 329 location projects across France from over 3,000 inbound contacts identified and processed by the Ancoris tourism team as part of around fifteen research tasks for different regions (Regions, Departments) in 2020 and 2021, EPCI) exclusively in the tourism industry.

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