Three new video protection cameras will be added to the 28 cameras already in Argentan

The city of Argentina will be equipped with three additional video surveillance cameras.
The city of Argentina will be equipped with three additional video surveillance cameras. (©Illustration Le Journal de l’Orne)

CityArgentinain Ladornswill go from 28 to 31 cameras related to video protection public road to improve security Hervé Lasne, security assistant in the areas of Place du Général-Leclerc, Place du Marché and Halle du Clos Menou, presents at the city council meeting on Monday, March 7, 2022.

A project that was unanimously accepted.

deterrent effect

Argentina's city council voted unanimously for these three new video surveillance cameras.
Argentina’s city council voted unanimously for these three new video surveillance cameras. (© Orne Magazine)

For the municipality, “Leclerc Square is a crossroads heavily used by pedestrians and especially vehicles; this is a problem of deterrence with the availability of visible and permanent video surveillance.

It is very important to secure the Place du Marché, because the weekly market on Tuesday and Friday makes it easy for a large number of people to come together.

Clos Menou lounge has had a lot of rudeness and damage to street furniture in recent years.

“The establishment of a video protection will make it possible to achieve such goals through its deterrent effect, as well as its response to municipal or non-municipal services called to intervene”.

Argentina City

Video lecture against illegal dumping

Hervé Lasne said that video narration will also be implemented “to prevent garbage, green waste and all materials from being dumped on public highways”.

It will help to detect crimes and therefore to identify the perpetrators, pursuant to article L. 251-2 of the internal security law. The aim is also to combat illegal deposits and thus ensure the peace of the people,” he said.

Videos: currently on Actu

Isabelle Teresa (the majority) is worried: “Will there be a future change of direction with this video surveillance, which is currently only about waste and illegal dumping?

Couldn’t he get another dimension later on? “.

“Cameras in the slums of the city are also there to check the crime that is happening in the city,” says mayor Frédéric Leveille.

Subtract 49 in 2021

Brigitte Choquet (Argentine minority 2020 – Let’s do it together) asks if reports have been made during the year.

“The device allows the police, at the request of the national police or the gendarmerie, to extract data that allows for the resolution of certain cases,” Hervé Lasne replies.

Therefore, there is no video surveillance. He doesn’t have an agent watching him all the time.”

“There were 49 evacuees in 2021,” he concludes, “making it possible to resolve cases,” complementing the mayor.

Location of 28 cameras currently available in the public domain

-Rue du 6-Juin / rue du Sillon (1 fixed camera)
-Route d’Almenêches (1 fixed camera) + (1 license plate reader)
– Fairground hall (3 fixed cameras)
-Redemptorist (1 fixed camera)
-rue de Savoie / rue Alsace-Lorraine (1 fixed camera)
-Place du Docteur-Couinaud (2 fixed cameras)
-Route de Falaise inbound and outbound (2 license plate readers)
– Place Henri-IV / rue Saint-Germain (1 fixed camera)
-Place de Lattre de Tassigny (1 fixed camera)
-Roundabout boulevard de l’Expansion / ring road (1 license plate reader)
– Route d’Ecouché (1 license plate reader)
– Sub-prefecture roundabout (2 license plate readers)
-Quai des arts (1 fixed camera)
-The Cord of Saint-Michel church (1 fixed camera)
-Rue de la Poterie / rue de la République (1 fixed camera)
-Rue des Peintres (1 fixed camera)
-Rue Gustave Courbet (1 fixed camera)
-Route de Paris (1 fixed camera) + (1 license plate reader)
-Gérard-Saint stadium (1 fixed camera)
– Esplanade of SNCF station (1 fixed camera)
-Roundabout rue de la Feuille / boulevard Victor-Hugo (1 plate reader).


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