Tibu Africa-Technopark (MITC): Partnership for the promotion of sport in business


Tibu Africa-Technopark (MITC) has signed a partnership for the promotion of sport in the workplace. In this context, Technopark (MITC) CEO Lamiae Benmakhlouf and Ashoka Member and Head of Non-Governmental Organization Tibu Africa Mohamed Amine Zariat signed an agreement for the development of 3 solidarity gyms within Technoparks in Casablanca. , Agadir and Tangier.

Performance is very important in the business world. It should be constantly encouraged by innovative tools. Physical and sportive activity in the workplace is an indispensable component within the company. To fulfill the motto of “a healthy mind in a healthy body” and worrying about their profitability, companies are turning to sports as a lever that helps maintain employee well-being and motivation.

This is an awareness shared between Tibu Africa and Technopark (MITC), which has announced a broad partnership on the promotion of physical and sporting activities in companies residing in the Technoparks of Morocco, and many other avenues that promote a real sporting dynamic around education, socio-economic themes. -Economic participation and entrepreneurship of youth and women through sport.

The sports fields that are the subject of the partnership will be open to all employees of companies supported by Technopark and run by trained sports coaches and winners of socio-economic inclusion programs such as Tibu Africa’s Intilaqa Initiative and 2nd chance school. for sports careers.

According to Lamiae Benmakhlouf, “Technopark has been supporting project leaders for 20 years to implement and embody their innovative ideas. Our support includes various elements essential to the success of a business such as training, networking, access to finance, access to resources and new technologies! »

Still, “We place special emphasis on these young people as individuals. We are aware that each of them invests their whole being in the work! That’s why we want to provide them with mental and social support beyond professional support. Thanks to our partnership with Tibu Africa, the employees and managers of various Technopark sites will be able to strengthen their social ties through sports as well as their physical and mental health! »

Mohamed Amine Zariat said: “I am very pleased with this partnership with a strong social impact because it aims to create professional integration opportunities for young people in NEET situations and a healthy and active lifestyle thanks to the solidarity gyms developed by Tibu Africa in partnership with Technopark”.

Tibu Africa and Technopark (MITC) will also explore various avenues of cooperation on youth entrepreneurship related issues through the training offered by Technopark (MITC) experts to Tibu Africa’s program incubators.

Implementation of physical and sportive activities in the workplace improves the mental health and social integration of employees. The result will be improved performance through improved attractiveness, engagement and employee mobilization, as well as a significant reduction in absenteeism and occupational accidents. With this in mind, real monitoring and evaluation studies will be carried out by the two partners in order for this initiative to be a sustainable model.

Through this partnership, Tibu Africa and Technopark are committed to demonstrating the power of sport as an identity requirement in their ecosystems.