“Times have changed, the team must change too”


“Times have changed, the team must change too”

Djamel Belmadi:

At his press conference, Evasif was the national coach Djamel Belmadi. A Belmadi who appeared to be held hostage with an anxiety anyone could imagine. But he will end the press conference on a note of optimism that reassures the audience.

instead of new ones
old players?
Questions? They were there, popping up everywhere, albeit a little repetitive. And aside from the clarifications that should have spread to the controversy, this could only show that Belmani was never far from sports broadcasts. New players enter to do an “A” in this series of questions. Why this change? To explain no further, he will confine himself to wishing that they quickly integrate into the group and “understand what we expect from them”. So there is a chance for these new entrants in this group that is already in orbit”.
The other question completed the first, so what about those who were not selected? “No, they are not eliminated, they stay part of the Greens as long as they are competitive and can bring more to the national team. Of course, if a player decides to end his international career, that’s another thing.

Why and who convinced Belmadi?
Which option did he consider to take over the National Team? Questions follow one another: Is it about knowing you, messages of support or your fighting spirit? So what’s your mood? That’s why it was difficult to resist the call of the people and the nation: “I believe that we must respond to these calls and stick to this option, I also believe that we must have energy, faith and above all, new ideas”. . Therefore, the reasons are clear. “These messages of trust explain that I am here today, and if I had any doubts I wouldn’t be here right now…”
After a minute of silence he will say that we have to ask ourselves a question: “Yes or no, can we be strong on the field? We have to make a choice and the choice has been made… we are here and we will focus on the continent”.

find victories
Relieved, he looks up and says, “We have two knockout games to win and we’ll qualify as soon as possible.” He believes this has become almost a formality, but remains cautious, as not all matches will be easy to maneuver, “all teams want to achieve their goals, it is up to us to meet expectations and prepare. We will take as much time as possible to be ready. Times have changed, so has the team.
Asked by a colleague on National Radio, “Are you considering making a new change in your technical staff?” “We have a competent technical and medical staff, a discreet, hard-working staff,” Belmadi counters.

Mahrez’s case
When asked about the absence of pick captain Riyad Mahrez, the Fennecs boss cut the speculation short, replying: “We could have brought the player to see his injury, Riyadh wanted to do it but I refused. Why? Why? I haven’t asked any player since I came. If he gets injured, he goes wherever he wants. I think he has the right to go on vacation. Djamel Belmadi added to close, “I’ve never asked any player to come for a medical checkup, there is a bond of trust that must be respected”. Riyad Mahrez is officially injured. With withdrawal rumors circulating, Fennecs coach Djamel Belmadi tried to quench the debate. He approved the official version (package) on Monday.
“For me, this is not a deal. Yes, we can ask ourselves why the team captain was not there, but as soon as we got the bulk of the answer, we got a medical report from Club Manchester, without even commenting, going all over the place (…). “City with medical secrets that need to be healthy,” the technician said at a press conference. Mahrez did not play the next two matches after the Real Madrid match. Like Ibrahimovic, who said he bit his knee, he grit his teeth because of the importance of the last few games. (…) I’m sorry, our meetings are very important, but maybe if we played the CAN final tomorrow, he might have had to shoot the bullet.”

Ironically, an internship without a federation
Belmadi said, “I handled my anger well, for letting me go… We can’t forget what happened for two hours. The players and I will continue this pain of missing the World Cup qualifiers because there was a goal. We worked hard for it but we proved that the Greens are ready to go to this World Cup, we have a high performing team and then there are the games where the referees only targeted our national team, we had sad situations. “The referees wanted to break us,” he said.
Referring to a sensitive issue, communication, Belmadi said in June, “I asked for a discussion to be established between various private TV channels and other media, including radio, to review what has been done. But he “will regret that it wasn’t done because of the tensions between people in the media world… But it was done in small studios where everybody put their knowledge and took advantage of every aspect”.
Before closing on a positive note about what needs to be done during the CAN-2023 qualifiers, he announced that from today he will only talk about things that concern the national team, the players, his performance and his background.

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