Tour Auto 2022: a look at the latest news and entries

It will take a little over a month for us to learn all the details about Tour Auto 2022. We will hereby publish our traditional Complete Guide for you. Meanwhile, information is slowly coming out two months before the event starts.

Unique place in Paris

Tour Auto has already used several locations in the capital on the day of the check. We could see the cars in the Parvis de la Défense, the Trocadéro, the Invalides, the Jardin des Tuileries and of course the Grand Palais and last year the Grand Palais Éphémère.

Tour Auto 2022 will innovate this year. With a wider opening already, as the doors will open to visitors on Sunday afternoon, April 24. In the classical course, we do not touch Monday, April 25.

Therefore the place is new: go to Porte de Versailles. Hall 6 was chosen. It is now recognizable thanks to its completely revised, giant awning illuminated by LEDs and the signature Jean Nouvel! It is therefore a new field and perhaps more practical for many viewers!

Also, as long as we’re talking about places, another one will be new in this Tour Auto 2022. The real start of the race will not be at the Château de Courances or at Vaux-le-Vicomte. The caravan will leave the Parc des Expositions at 6 am on Tuesday, April 26, for the Château de Rambouillet!


Therefore, we will wait until the end of March to take a closer look at the introductory list for Tour Auto 2022, which should be more complete.

We can already say that VHC winners Van Riet and Werner have not left this category… and for now they never do! On the other hand, with Thierry Boutsen and Hervé Ordioni inside, their Cobra will be fine in the beginning. The latter had tied 5th in 2021.

To continue the 2021 classification, Berchon and Bordier will be starting with Type E, Kohler and Laboisne in their blue Cobras.
Jean-Marc Bussolini will be at the start in a Porsche 904, Penlae 911 in 2.0L, Bonnardel and Nicolet in Type E.

We also note the three-time winning comeback in the last 4 editions with Raphaël Favaro’s Lotus Elan, we must not forget that but we will talk to you about this very soon.

On the E-Type side, there are known names. Those of Jean-Pierre Lajournade and Christophe Bouchet, whose adventures ended in 2021 after a single specialty, those of Rivet-Fusil – Le Jean or Jean-Marc Merlin. In total there will be 12 Type E at launch!

On the beach of Cobra we will find the (authentic) Daytona of Ellerbrock and the replica of Muythens and Pineau, the return of Ben Gill and Didcock, the beautiful blue of Jousset and Miliotis, a beautiful armada of the V8.

For the G/H/I Groups, Mr. John of B. and Sibel have returned to their JS2 to rival the sound level of the two BMW M1 Procars: the usual one from Nicolas Leroy-Fleuriot and Audibert and the Breittmayers. They will fight against the navy of Porsche RSRs, outgoing winners Brigand and Albert will be there as well as the Gadals, while Gauduel and Jollin are the Ferrari 308 Gr. It will be on IV.

Finally, the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 comes to the fore, and there will be three of them at the start of the competition.

There are obviously new names and new cars. But it’s also missing a few. Therefore, there is no Ludovic Caron in the first list or Didier Sirgue, the animators of the 2021 edition.

On the regular entry side, we highlight the return of the Argentines and their beautiful cars (hopefully for sure), as well as a wide range from the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 to the 300 SL, not forgetting the most original BMW-Isetta 600 and other Panhard. Dyna X! We’ll be clearer here again in a short month… stay tuned!

Tour Auto 2022: a look at the latest news and entries