“traditional” candidates have a hard time making their voices heard in the face of extremism.

Jean Lasalle’s French “tagada tsoin tsoin” amid the excesses and the absence of a real campaign for the favorite candidate, the 2022 presidential election is very unusual in Limousin.

Polls are what they are. Emmanuel Macron is way ahead with 31%. But Jean Baptiste Moreau, deputy LREM from Creuse, has no illusions: “The President was in the Limousine at the end of January. The candidate will not return as part of the campaign. On the other hand, I am working to arrange one or more meetings with prominent members of the government in the coming weeks.

LREM activists in the region organize “collage or pull” operations. Such is the campaign for the re-election of the president in our region.

Marine Le Pen is far behind Emmanuel Macron with only 18% of the vote intent.

The image of the National Reunification candidate crosses the roads of France with a bus parked in sometimes unexpected places, such as the parking lot of the Espace des Trois Provinces, just hours after Valérie Pécresse’s meeting on March 12. .

A little early bus to the town of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat (87) with a dozen activists: “The land is here. And today we came to support the traders. We talked to them a lot. They have daily rural problems like the increase in gasoline prices,” he said..

For Albin Freychet, delegate of the national meeting in Haute-Vienne, “Marine Le Pen will implement a policy of regional development where for every euro invested in the counties we have to invest one euro in the countryside. It is social justice that must be respected. »

Some residents SacredLeonardo-related-noblat feel that a change is necessary. But change for whom?

Marine Le Pen isn’t the one to handle all this. People will need to help him. But there are those who should be fired.

residing in St Leonard de Noblat

“Re-Conquest!” party Eric Zemmour’s percentage is 13% in the last poll. He tried to organize a meeting at Uzerche. The mayor has issued a restraining order. The meeting was postponed to 12 March. The competition was to take place in Ste Féréole, the cradle of the Chirac family. Once again it was cancelled.

Clearly, the far-right polemicist’s ideas are going badly in a country of resistance. Officially, the meeting was canceled after the intervention of the Communist Party.

To support their champions “reconquest! » will have to surrender At the Place du Trocadero in Paris on March 27. 2 to 3 buses can leave from Corrèze.

La France insoumise by Jean Luc Mélenchon is on 11.5% of the voting intent.

On March 10, Caroline Fiat presided over a public meeting, the Léo Lagrange room in Limoges. This professional caregiver resents the government’s disregard for seniors who are forced to live in nursing homes: “The advice of Olivier Véran and Brigitte Bourguignon is ridiculous. They don’t want to stop corporate abuse. This is serious because we are talking about our seniors and we need a minimum caregiver/resident ratio. Everyone agrees on this point, from the majority to the opposition. »

Valérie Pécresse was at a meeting in Brive on Friday, March 12th, with 11% of the vote. The Republican candidate walked through the halls to meet with residents before addressing a thousand protesters.

In the hall, Claude Chirac reiterated his support for her.

The person we’re all thinking about tonight is Jacques Chirac. I wanted to tell you Claude that the name yes is synonymous with courage. Your support today touches and honors me.

Valérie Pécresse is the LR candidate in the presidential election.

This Tuesday, March 15, Aurélien Pradié, the Republicans’ #2 deputy, will be in Limoges. Discussing disability themes at work and school, leisure room from 7 pm.

Anne Hidalgo had official support from François Hollande in Corrèze during the last Brive fair.

The former President will also be present at the ceremony. Great national meeting held at the Buxerolles pavilion in Limoges on 22 March.

Many other political figures will make the trip.

For Gülşen Yıldırım, secretary of the PS Haute-Vienne, “This meeting will be a very important moment in the campaign”.

The viceroy of the Pyrénées Atlantiques was passing through Brive on 13 March. Touring France in a bus with his picture, the candidate visited the Denoix distillery: “This is France, we always believe it’s ruined, half tagada tsoisoin. But it’s beautiful and amazing. A distillery like this is 175 years old, no wrinkles, the same cauldrons, the copper didn’t move”.

The Pyrénées-Atlantiques attorney replied to a passerby’s question regarding the theme of immigration: “France was also a great country that knew how to welcome the whole world. But who knew how to be properly accommodated and organized. It was never done. Go as I force you today. Then we learn more at school. We even learn French more »

According to recent reports, Jean Lasalle’s bus had to stop somewhere south of Haute-Vienne after a breakdown.