Transphobia. Ohio Might Pass Law Allowing Genital Checks in Children



At the start of Pride Month, Republican representatives in the state of Ohio passed a law banning transgender children from playing sports. Text ” Save Women’s Sports Law It hides behind the so-called security of women’s sports in schools and tests students who actually participate in sports and are suspected of being transgender, to certify their gender.

If the text becomes law, children who will be identified as potentially transgender by the opposing team will need to be certified by a doctor who will check their genitalia with a pelvic exam (internal examination of the genitals), as well as have their genitals level checked. endogenous testosterone production, as well as the genotype of the child by blood test. In short, a traumatic test that will definitely exclude transgender children will also exclude any other cisgender girls or young women who exhibit a harmless genetic variation in their hormone levels or chromosomes from any sporting events at school.

Transphobia is one of the issues exploited by the extreme right and all reactionary forces, and these attacks tend to increase with the Republicans constantly creating new moral panics to make trans people a new individual as the midterm elections approach. “the enemy within”.

Recently, there are more than 300 laws in red states that attack LGBTI people, primarily trans people, and many of them have been passed. Various laws target transgender children by making transitional care, sporting events, marital status reassignment, or gender reassignment care a reportable “abuse” that can result in the removal of custody of the child from the parents. Unless the parliament that can approve this text meets by next November, and the future of the law is uncertain, it is part of a series of attacks that are deeply affecting the living conditions of trans people across the United States. .

Along with these attacks, Roe vs. It follows the unprecedented attack on reproductive rights with the Wade decision questioned. These are full-fledged attacks on the autonomy of our bodies, which had Democratic majority in Congress and during the Biden administration. In the face of this reactionary attack, be it attacks on trans rights or abortion rights, the same Democrats who are helpless and passively awaiting a midterm exam, claiming to only want to offer a “safe haven” to transgender youth in the blue states. elections are in November.

As Madeleine Freeman, our comrade Left Voicesister organization Permanent Revolution in the USA:

But we can’t wait until November. In a matter of weeks, tens of millions of people will no doubt have limited access to life-saving healthcare. For decades, politicians have convinced us that we are powerless to stop these attacks. They tell us to take our anger and fear to the polls, election after election, to ensure that even the so-called right to abortion is not taken away from us.

But we can no longer hold our breath. It is time to make a strong and united cry to defend our right to choose what we do with our bodies and our futures. That means tackling the Supreme Court, the Senate, fraud and any undemocratic government action that comes our way.

LGBT rights and the right to abortion can only be won on the streets, regardless of the electoral calculations of the Democrats in the United States. Here in France, where the same reactionary rhetoric is proliferating in parliament, in the media, by far-right candidates during presidential elections, as well as by transphobic activist groups claiming feminism, it is important to remember the importance of a strong feminist and narrow vision of society and gender, independent of any government agency. The LGBTI movement, which is firmly positioned for the right to self-determination against all reactionary positions that defend and reduce women to the biological norm and concept of fertility.