Two new sports partnerships for the PiLeJe lab


The year 2022 is off to a strong start for PiLeJe. Last February, the lab announced two new sports partnerships on its social networks and website. Now the official supplier of the AG2R CITROËN cycling team and partner of the RC Lens football club, the micronutritionist continues to sustainably improve the health and quality of life of top athletes. That’s why the PiLeJe lab now supports more than forty associations. Focus on two new sports collaborations of this true performance partner!

PiLeJe lab as a performance partner

After 30 years of expertise, the PiLeJe lab is now #1 on the market for food supplements offered in pharmacies. It currently has more than 600 employees and more than 300 product references and is located in at least 43 countries. Dr. Founded by Christian Leclerc, the laboratory aims to sustainably improve everyone’s health by advancing the concept of health medicine.

What is the mission of the PiLeJe lab? There is an optimal physiological state that improves the quality of life for each individual, and this physiological state must be maintained in order to live longer and healthier. That’s why the lab offers personalized healthcare solutions prescribed by healthcare professionals to manage functional disorders and improve patients’ overall health.

As a partner, PiLeJe has been accompanying top athletes on their journeys for fifteen years. If physical activity is necessary to maintain iron health, an intense workout puts the body to the test and taps into the body’s resources. The PiLeJe laboratory, an expert in micro-nutrition, therefore offers athletes personalized advice and helps them best meet their nutritional needs through tailor-made health solutions. Aim? Achieve performance while staying healthy!

Official supplier of the AG2R CITROËN team

“We are proud to announce that PiLeJe is the Official Supplier of the AG2R CITROËN team. On February 7, the laboratory announced on its social networks its new partnership with the AG2R CITROËN TEAM. Since its inception, the cycling team has recorded 493 victories, including 20 stages of the Tour de France. It’s a golden partnership for the PiLeJe lab, which currently supports triathlon champion Sandra Levenez, mountain bike champion Jordan Sarrou, as well as the FDJ-Groupama cycling team.

29 AG2R CITROËN TEAM drivers benefit from personalized performance tracking within their team. Performance director Jean-Baptiste Quiclet explains in an interview with the PiLeJe lab on the occasion of formalizing the partnership, using sensor power to record each runner’s activity during races. This data is then analyzed based on the runner’s level and profile.

Jean-Baptiste Quiclet is responsible for the performance of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM team in all its complexity, including nutrition. That’s where PiLeJe comes in! The lab now supplies probiotics to the cycling team, thanks to an array that meets most of the athletes’ micronutrient needs. Customized solutions that support fast recovery after every race!

PiLeJe x Racing Club de Lens: the lab supports the Lensois club

On February 21, the PiLeJe lab officially announced a second sports partnership, this time with Racing Club de Lens. This is the second partnership in football, the first signed with Troyes team ESTAC. To formalize this new collaboration, the lab interviewed the performance department of RC Lens. An interview available in video format!

Supported by one of the largest audiences in France, the Sang et Or players have a good track record. Past champion of France, winner of the Drago Cup, League Cup or Intertoto Cup, RC Lens has gotten used to long competitive seasons where the players’ bodies are very stressful. PiLeJe health solutions then enable easier recovery after matches there too, but also improve the supply of micronutrients without stopping in the energy dimension of nutrition.

If the PiLeJe lab specializes in micronutrients, it also specializes in herbal medicine. For the club’s dietitian, Myrétha Guibert, this is a real asset for players to recover from injuries and improve their health on the field as well as in the locker room.

February therefore marks the beginning of two new sports partnerships for the PiLeJe laboratory, which has become a reference in nutritional supplements and health medicine. The laboratory continues its mission by collaborating with various sports associations: to meet the expectations and needs of top athletes.