Ukraine: new help from FEI

The International Equestrian Federation announced the start of new initiatives of the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine in May 2022.

Additional initiatives and projects for Ukraine Approved to be funded by the Solidarity Fund after the FEI Visit of the Ukrainian delegation during the FEI Sports Forum last April. The visit provided an opportunity to discuss priorities, review existing support systems, and establish new programs and long-term goals for Ukraine and the FEI Solidarity Fund. ” Now that we have the systems, we’ve come to a point where we can be more strategic. The meetings held in Lausanne with the Ukrainian delegation at the end of April were really fruitful and we can already see that many programs and initiatives have been launched as a result of this. “, FEI chief Ingmar De Vos explains in a press release.

Three major aid projects

Among the identified programs, four new athlete scholarships awarded, veterinary supplies purchased and made ready for shipment and financed.eighty boxes temporary. ” These initiatives are a mix of short- and medium-term objectives aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of people and horses in Ukraine, while at the same time securing the long-term future of the sport. can recover after war », Details FEI President.

Scholarships awarded two show jumping riders and two dressage riders. They have been selected to receive this intended scholarship. support preparation In training and competition so that they can represent Ukraine at the 2022-2023 FEI Championships. Veterinary supplies include: over-the-counter and prescription drugs To help veterinarians in the field have the necessary equipment. Personalized veterinary kits Provided by the FEI Veterinary Department and the American Equestrian Federation’s Ukraine Solidarity Fund. The EIF works with the UEF Charitable Foundation to provide assistance. eighty boxes two new centers under construction to let the horses stay safe. The new centers are located next to the stables to provide access to infrastructure and allow riders to train in good conditions. These last two attemptsUncertainty following the war in Ukraine.

FEI Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

It was created in February 2022 and is equipped with:one million Swiss Francs, this financial aid has been actively supporting since the beginning of the conflict. Equestrian projects in Ukraine and neighboring countries Home to Ukrainian horses and athletes. ” At the start of the war, the FEI reacted quickly to the situation and, not knowing how long the conflict would last and how devastating it would be, set up its first objective, the Solidarity Fund, to fund emergency and vital supply and evacuation procedures. to be », explains Ingmar De Vos. For example, the FEI logistics center Preparing the transfer of horses to the European Union in Granat on the Ukrainian border and a financing and distribution to regional centres, basic equine supplies such as feed and bedding.

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