Understanding the world Taekwondo decision


Based on the decision of the Ivorian justice, the World Taekwondo and African Taekwondo Association decided to restart the selection process. It’s a decision that some players in the sports movement have trouble understanding and explaining.

World Taekwondo is part of the wisdom of DO (the art of living; the way of spirituality) by deciding to align itself with the decision of the court of first instance, giving the Ivorian Taekwondo federation another chance. it definitely comes up in this series of conflicts. Indeed, the world community of Taekwondo was infuriated by the intervention of the Ivorian justice and CNO-CIV in Ivorian taekwondo affairs.

Back to the 2017 crisis

We remember that in 2017 the former chairman of CNO-CIV decided to set up an ad hoc committee in the Ivory Taekwondo Federation. A committee chaired by Kouakou Lucien, who was vice-chairman of CNO-CIV at the time. At the time, World Taekwondo was taken over. In response, World Taekwondo President of the African Taekwondo Association Dr. He responded by sending Ide Issiaka to convey World Taekwondo’s findings on the matter to Amichia François, then Minister of Sports, and General Lassana Palenfo, President of the CNO-CIV. .

Restarting the selection process in Taekwondo: Understanding World Taekwondo's decision

Based on these results, World Taekwondo rejected the CNO-CIV. Despite the goodwill missions organized by the late Ambassador Diané Mamadi, the CNO-CIV had refused to implement the World Taekwondo resolution. This is followed by the organization of the competition, the passing grades at Bouaké in Yopougon. These actions resulted in fights among Taekwondo Ins. The world Korean Martial Art community did not accept NOC-CIV’s refusal to enforce these decisions. However, Me Bamba Cheick decided to support the Daniel-led Federation.

World Taekwondo still upset by a court order

In 2021, after an election that was overseen and sanctioned by the World Taekwondo and African Taekwondo Union in October 2021, these two umbrella organizations are bothered by our talk of the Ivorian justice canceling the electoral general assembly.

Faced with this situation, a branch of World Taekwondo was for the sanction of the Ivory Taekwondo Federation. Ivory Coast would have put a cross on the Paris Olympics in 2024 if this will of its leaders had been implemented. The Ivory Taekwondo Federation would no longer be able to participate in the competitions of the world body.

Fortunately, there was another piece of World Taekwondo to save Ivorian Taekwondo. Thus, in this processivory taekwondo rescue “World Taekwondo has decided to abide by the decision of the Ivorian justice while abiding by the Federation texts. Just like in football, Fifa decides on the standardization of federations, World Taekwondo has decided to set up a “transitional” body led by the Federation’s former board.

Justice may have thought that the statute of the Federation was not enforced, but it cannot be superseded due to the autonomy of sports federations to establish an interim administration.

Knowing how to seize this new chance

World Taekwondo thus blossoms into Ivorian justice by agreeing to implement its decision. However, it will be up to the African Taekwondo Union to follow these new elections transparently. The African Taekwondo Association should associate the NOC-CIV or the services of the Ministry of Sport, where appropriate. As a result, World Taekwondo has respected Ivory taekwondo. This is well stated in his letter showing that Ivory Coast is one of the jewels of world taekwondo. World Taekwondo respected the President’s actions for Ivorian taekwondo.

It is now in the hands of the entire taekwondo family to seize this opportunity, this unexpected opportunity, to organize the elections as soon as possible and under the best conditions. Failure to comply with World Taekwondo’s decisions will result in sanctions from the federation. This opportunity offered by World Taekwondo should not be destroyed. We must now salute the stance of President Jean Marc Yacé. He agreed to go to this election. Other candidates or other players in Taekwondo are also expected in such a process. The steering committee held its first meeting on Sunday, June 26, 2022 at the Ivoiro-Korea sports center. This meeting is synonymous with the start of the activities of the “transition” management committee.

Angel Kouadio