United States: A new transphobic law plans to ban the inclusion of trans students in sports


The Ohio House of Representatives has passed a transphobic bill aimed at controlling children’s genitals. Enough to rekindle the debate about the place of transgender athletes in sport and reiterate the attacks on swimmer Lia Thomas.

LAnti-LGBT+ measures continue to increase in the US. Most recent: A bill targeting transgender athletes passed by the Ohio State House of Representatives. The Save Women’s Sports Act provides: Implementation of genital controls for athletes whose gender identity is in dispute. This measure, which stipulates that no “male individual” is allowed to play sports on girls-only school teams, will apply. for kids 6+ in school, high school, and collegereports RMC Sports. For now, the text has yet to be approved by the Senate, so the mystery remains intact until next November.

“Across the country, female athletes are losing championships, scholarships, medals and training opportunities due to discriminatory policies that allow biological males to compete in women’s sports,” said State Representative Jena Powell. News 5 Cleveland.

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The “Protect Female Sports Act” is based on several elements: internal and external reproductive anatomy, “normal” levels of endogenously produced testosterone, and analysis of a person’s genetic makeup. In case of non-compliance with the measures, schools will be punished.

Lia Thomas in the plus sign

Leia Thomas. His name has been on everyone’s lips for a few months. The young woman really happened last March most first trans swimmer earn a college degree 457 meters free. Title vehemently objected by its critics accuses him of taking advantage of physiological advantages over his competitors. The young woman had just complied with the new rules. It was imposed by the National Swimming Federation, which consisted of a limit that the testosterone level should not be exceeded, but the opinions of those who criticized it did not change.

At the moment, only one transgender athlete does athletics at his high school in Ohio. “I can be myself, I don’t have to wear a mask or pretend to be someone else,” says softball player Ember. Ohio isn’t the only state to oppose transgender athletes in their sporting events. For example, in Florida, trans children are prohibited from playing sports at school.

It’s a condition that is unlikely to improve over time. Majority of Americans (62%) think transgender athletes should only be allowed to play on sports teams match their birth sexAccording to an annual survey by the Gallup Institute of Statistics.

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