unusual. He takes custody of the boar who took shelter in his house to escape from the hunters.

For five months Véronique Consolo and Woody were inseparable. You might think Woody is a bird like the famous woodpecker, but he’s actually a boar: 25kg at 4 months. The person who took him when he was just a few days old says “Sporty”. Now attached to the domesticated animal, he campaigned to keep it by his side.

Bottles and attention

The fifty-year-old remembers this September 19 and the barking of hounds near his garden in the countryside of Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne). That’s when he saw a small wild boar on his property. “It was being followed and it fell into my garden,” she said. Enthusiasm.

It waits for the hunters and their dogs to leave, and then releases the animal in a nearby cornfield. The boar immediately follows its steps. It begins a second time, then a third time, then four times in “hope of seeing the adopted pigs pass.” Nothing helps: the boar always returns.

Véronique gives up and accepts the little pig into her home. Baptized Woody benefits from the care of his adoptive “mother” who gives him a bottle “every two hours” for a month and takes him to the vet to sterilize him and make sure he’s healthy. The boar grows up and gets used to living as a pet.

Conflict with management

For Woody, Véronique landscaped his fully fenced yard and took the necessary steps to adopt him. He submitted a statement of detention to the province of Lot-et-Garonne in accordance with the decree of 8 October 2018, which allowed a purebred boar to be kept in a private house under this condition.

His request was denied and management fell to him to release the wild boar into the wild, but according to Véronique, “no one wonders how he will live if he is released. His own brethren will drive him away”. She was able to count on the support of associations to defend her pet case, which initiated a petition and a kitty to pay her attorney’s fees as part of the legal process she initiated.

Sadly, despite the threat of fines, Woody left in a ballot box loaded into the trailer of French Biodiversity Office agents on Thursday, January 13, even though he was intent on fighting for custody of Woody. “They ripped out my heart, they took my little one,” she said, devastated.

For his lawyer, Me Louis de Redon, who insisted that wild animals should not be collected for domestication, the case of Véronique and Woody is special because it was collected when they were infants: “The law is for certain species . “Once the animal is domesticated, only a part of it can be released into the animal environment”.

Woody and Véronique reunited

The mobilization of Véronique and her supporters bore fruit: this week, the governor of Lot-et-Garonne reconsidered his situation and finally considered entrusting the care of the wild boar to him was the “least bad solution”. South West. The 50-year-old boy was given permission to keep a wild animal and thus became Woody’s legitimate mistress.

However, the boar did not return home immediately, as he had to organize the repatriation of Véronique.

He must then provide him with suitable living conditions and ensure that he does not harm property and people.