US Carcassonne: heading towards final stages, Sauveterre in Biarritz, end of season for Jones … Latest news from club “yellow and black”

By earning their fifth consecutive victory on the outskirts of City, the fourth bonus of the season, Audois not only confirms their position but also their status as potential qualifiers.

They hoped, they did! The “Canaries” demanded a big prize Friday night if they ensured they wouldn’t take the day’s rival Aurillac high, who presented himself to Domec in a reorganized line-up in the middle of the Pro D2 table. And they did everything in order in front of their loyal audience (4131 spectators). And pretty fast! Indeed, the Cantaliens, suffocated in battle and regularly beaten, would not see the light of day in the first act, smoothly carried out by the natives confident in their strength. Carcassonne was rolling 35-3 at halftime, three from three quarters (McPhillips, Tui, Dulon), five tries from two forwards (Sauveterre, Huguet). And apart from a slight decrease (50and/54and) was quite understandable during a second period delivered upwind, Audois would continue to do his job, notably with three additional tries (Marques x2, Anon) to secure a five point success for sure (54-24). However, in order not to indulge in a happy euphoria, let’s note the brief “victory in points” of the brave young Aurillacois during the second act (19-21). An observation that Director Christian Labit undoubtedly conveys to his troops before planning the upcoming deadline in Grenoble (7:30am) next Friday. “Those teams don’t want to lose at home even if they’re not playing anything anymore. We’re lucky we don’t have too many injuries, or at least a little Sione Tui complaining about crutches. We’re going. We’re going to bring two fresh players into the second row, Romain Manchia and Rynard Landman, which it’s not negligible. We’ll try to do something in Grenoble, at least to come back with something. Today, you have to move. You come back with a definite intent to win, and here’s the thing. One point will hide some disappointment, but inevitably winning will allow us to experience the end of the human quality block, I cite these sources where players even bluff us from time to time… I have a feeling next Friday we’re going to look for something strong and beautiful for the club because it’s unprecedented for USC to make the final stages in the professional world. It would be anything. , partners, players, sta ff, fans… I think we deserve a final stage.”

Johnny McPhillips to Provence Rugby?

According to our knowledge, Carcassonne opening half Johnny McPhillips (25 years old, 1.87 m, 96 kg) is a favorite of Provence Rugby. But it isn’t, because Exeter used to be on the news too. The Irish opener, who came from Leicester for a year last season, was also offered a contract extension by the Aude leaders. But for now, Provence Rugby seems to hold the strings. Status to follow.

Thomas Sauveterre becomes official in Biarritz

As expected, prostitute Thomas Sauveterre will leave US Carcassonne at the end of the season. Indeed, as explained by our colleagues South WestBiarritz Olympique purchased the 28-year-old’s contract with USC until 2023. Sauveterre, who came from Montpellier in 2016, played 126 matches in the “yellow-black”. He will replace Lucas Peyresblanques, who signed for Stade Français Paris in Biarritz.

End of season for Dorian Jones

Welsh opener Dorian Jones (30 years old, 1.75 m, 88 kg), currently in the infirmary due to an injury, will unfortunately no longer use the Pro D2 turf under the colors of Carcassonne this season. Not because of his disability, but because of his status as a medical joker. Taken this way at the beginning of last December, replacing Johnny McPhillips, who was seriously injured during the reception of Provence Rugby on 8 October 2021, his contract therefore ended with the Irishman’s return to the turf. However, that doesn’t mean he will no longer play for USC as he signs a two-year contract with the club from Aude prefecture starting next July.