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Marie Battinger publishes her novel

Marie Battinger published her novel “So Breaks the Line” with the Harper Collins Paperback.

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Marie Battinger’s thriller tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in the hospital after a car accident. She was unharmed, but she forgot the last five years of her life. However, her older sister Flora, who accompanied her, was seriously injured.

Marie Battinger has been a journalist with Latest News from Alsace for fifteen years.. With his first novel “So that the stars die”, She received Coup de coeur from Femme Actuelle readers in 2019.. His second novel, “Thus the line breaks”, was published by Editions in March 2021.The New Authors has a new update, because Just released in pocket editions of Harper Collins.

Excerpt from Marie Battinger’s interview.

Was winning the Current Woman Award in 2019 a springboard for you?

It was even more than a springboard! I participated in a competition organized by my publishing house “Les Nouveaux Auteurs” at the time, and it gave four prizes to manuscripts chosen by the volunteer reader’s committee. And I won one of those awards, Readers’ favorite of the Current Woman award. And that’s how the whole adventure began.

Have you received the Coup de Coeur award like another Alsatian writer Agnès Ledig?

Yes, I remember when my editor gave me the award, wishing me a career like Agnès Ledig. It is incomparable in terms of books and sales, but it was an honor for me to receive this award.

Introduce me to your new novel, “So the line breaks”.

The heroine’s name is Emma, ​​she is 23 years old. The story begins with her having a car accident. She wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of being in this car accident. And what’s worse is she is convinced she’s 18, on the verge of passing her baccalaureate. Very strange things are happening around him: He watches TV, sees a minister being presented as President. She notices strange things on her body, such as a tattoo she didn’t have before. And so she finally discovers that she is 23 years old, not 18 as she thought, forgetting the last five years of her life. This is the starting point of the story. And worse than losing her memory, She also realizes that she has been accused of causing an accident that injured her sister.

The writing of this thriller is fluid, with plenty of dialogue and tempo. There is a story based on the relationship between these two sisters, Emma and Flora.

Yes, it is largely based on the relationship between the two sisters because Emma is Flora’s younger sister, Flora is two years older and she is the perfect girl because everything is still going well in her life. Flora is loved by her parents, especially her mother and grandmother, because A classical dancer from the Paris Opera. Emma wants to be an actress and she thinks she will get there. That’s why she doesn’t have Flora’s rigor, her facilities, her gift, but she believes she’ll find her way. (…) And the whole story will be about the relationship between these two sisters, how can you go from love to hate and what makes you jealous of your sister. It is more based on the relationship between the two sisters.

And Marie, do you have a sister?

There are even two, but rest assured, it’s not inspired by our history at all. We get along very well, everything is fine between us, there is no jealousy in our family.

Marie, you’re a DNA journalist too. What is the inspiration for your novels?

I’ve been working in DNA for 15 years, and I’ve spent some of that on miscellaneous and justice. It also inspires me, but most of all it helps me a lot because, incidentally, he spent many years in courthouses, shoulder to shoulder with the gendarmerie and the police force, helped me build the plots, bought me some time. a clearer vision of what an investigation or trial is. It makes research easier because that’s what I saw on a daily basis at the time.

Under what conditions do you write, every day?

I try to write as much as possible each day because I find that if we rest everything too much, we lose the thread of our story.. Even though I want to make a living by writing, I still work on the side, but it’s too complicated.. Every day I try to find a moment to move the story forward because I can’t really dedicate a few days in a row to it completely.. I prefer to write for an hour every day, I force myself to be organized.

Who are the authors who inspire you or your favorite authors?

I love Anglo-Saxon writers like Lionel Shriver, his writing is great, he’s a critique of society. I also really like Joyce Carol Oates or Laura Kasischke. These are the writers I’m going to put on the podium. (…)