Vividata introduces latest Metrica Fusion database at CCC


Canada’s media and consumer research firm life published the database CCC Metrica Fusion of the winter of 2022. FusionCanadian Consumer Survey (CCS) winter of 2022 life passive measurement of digital consumers metric. This new, unified database captures consumer behavior online and offline, giving researchers, marketers and strategists a more comprehensive view of Canadian consumers.

life He scoured a few travel or sports-related websites and apps to see how different Canadians can be to make the most of the coming months.

In an average month, Expedia, and Airbnb These are the best travel apps and websites visited by Canadian adults planning to book vacations. Like this than Expedia generally leading, It is the channel of choice for those targeting the United States, the Caribbean, Central or South America, or Southern Asia. rbo has the highest average visits to Canada interested in a European or East Asian getaway.

holiday planners elderly 50 years and above they will most likely visit Expedia In an average month, they said they mostly thought of family and friends (65%), going to the beach (52%), or going shopping (49%) while on vacation.

Among holiday planners under 35, Airbnb It is the travel site they visit the most in an average month. See that family and friends (70%) are the main activity that young visitors visit.Airbnb They plan to do it on vacation, but are also more likely to explore a destination’s nightlife (Index 158), visit a theme park/zoo (Index 150), or visit a museum or art gallery (Index 131).

this Canadian families Those who plan to travel next year (with children under 12) visit more online visits in an average month, closely followingAirbnb and rbo. These families come to visit Also, families are 71% more likely than average to plan to travel as black, indigenous or people of color (BIPOC) next year, and are more than 3 times more likely to come to Canada in the past 5 years. .

Young monthly app or site visitors rbo look like that more passionate and adventurous travelers more than those who visit other travel sites.

In these days when baseball and football are just beginning, popular sports apps and websites will attract great attention.TSN, sports net and Score these 3 main Sites and apps visited by Canadians in an average month. Visitors to any of these brands’ digital properties are predominantly male and more likely to be professionals, managers, executives or entrepreneurs. high income. Visitors to all three brands’ digital properties earn a higher income on average – almost 20% more than the average Canadian – and are almost 2x more likely to be. business owners or managers.

Regionally, Canadians show a preference between the top 3 sports digital properties. people living in meadowsfor example, their probability of visiting a digital property, TSN an average of one month sports net Where Scoreabout 2 out of 3 monthly visitors Scoreand more than 1 out of 2 visitors sports netto live Ontario. from all parts of Canada, Quebec Where Quebecers prefer affiliate website is most different. TSN; rds.caWhere many more than that numerical properties sports netor Score .

people watch professional summer sports Like baseball, football, and golf, the average Canadian not only visits the top 3, but also visits them more often. For starters, Canadians who watch baseball regularly of MLB On TV (more than 4 times a month), 64% more likely than the national average to visit the eeb site or app sports net more than 2.5 times more likely to visit at least 11 times in an average month and in the same period. football spectators MLS it will stop on the website or app RDS or TSNand the average Canadian is 2.3 times more likely to visit frequently than the average Canadian. Score. Likewise, for regular viewers professional golf high probability of visiting TSN in an average month and almost twice as likely to visit Score 11+ times in a month.

Compared to visitors TSN Where sports net 11+ times a month, people coming from Score they also tend to have preferences luxury – and are 60% more likely than the average Canadian to own a premium car or truck.

For those visiting sports websites or apps who want to learn more about the game, this most popular sports betting site Which direction are they turning? For example, more than 1 in 5 Canadians visiting a digital property by TSNVisit 11 or more times in an average month and 3 times more likely than the average Canadian, about 3 out of 10 monthly visitors rds.caalso visit bet365.comand the average Canadian is almost 4 times more likely to do so.

Benefits of the Metrica Fusion Database at CSC

This latest Metrica Fusion database from CCC is the sixth version of Vividata and allows subscribers to:

  • Match online measurements with real-world data
  • Mobilize ideas with powerful psychographs
  • Segment, target and inform with greater impact
  • Easily access and review

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