war in Ukraine. Martine Aubry ready to welcome refugees in Lille

Etienne Mourmant (left) reports the situation between Ukraine and Russia to Martine Aubry (right) and offers assistance in case refugees are accepted after the bombardment of Kharkiv (Ukraine) on February 24, 2022.
Étienne Mourmant (left), Ukraine’s honorary consul in France, reports to Martine Aubry (right) the situation between Ukraine and Russia after the bombing of Kharkiv (Ukraine) on February 24, 2022. (©WL/Lille news)

It’s early in the morning Thursday, February 24, 2022The French are a new battle It had just erupted in Eastern Europe, between Russia and Ukraine. A situation affecting the city Lille because Twins with Kharkov, The second largest city in Ukraine was bombed on the same day. Martine Aubry He decided to show his support to the Ukrainian people.

anger at war

After reading the latest morning news, decision did not wait, Lille is next to Ukraine. The municipality first expressed its support in a press release. Also announced a setup new plate. From now on Lille, Kharkov Bridge for Kharkov Bridge. What’s the difference? It is no longer a Russian, but a Ukrainian title put forward. This choice to rename the bridge dates back a few months.

In her speech, Martine Aubry showed some anger at the situation on Ukrainian soil. “We are very busy and scandal face this broom Lies and reckless attacks Russia,” he said. Many mayors, including those around him, lambersart and lomme The elected opposition was also present. Let Green Lille and Lille Breathe.

Kharkov Bridge (Russian name) became Kharkiv Bridge (Ukrainian name), named after Ukraine's second largest city twinned with Lille.
Kharkov Bridge (Russian name) became Kharkiv Bridge (Ukrainian name), named after Ukraine’s second largest city twinned with Lille. (©WL/Lille news)

Towards the reception of refugees

Martine Aubry wanted to make another announcement to the various Ukrainian citizens present at this meeting:

War refugees, we will be there to greet you. We don’t hope to end up in this situation, but we will do whatever we can to help.

Martine AubryMayor of Lille

Note that Lille City recently welcomed Afghan refugees after it was taken over by the Taliban.

Cooperation between the two would have been easier if the municipality had already been in contact with Ukraine for some other reason. Etienne Mourmant, Ukraine’s Honorary Consul to France adds: “Many brave people want to stay and defend their land. Let’s unite to meet those who will have to flee. “I will be at the disposal of all Ukrainians who need help,” he said.

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Ukrainians at the scene

If the politicians were there, the people of Lille were also there. Many Ukrainians came up with a flag, a hat, a sign reminding them of their country, or a sign that defies Russia’s actions. Vladimir Poutine. Many are affected by what happened. The attacker is not Ukraine, Russia has no bombs, no tanks. We’re dealing with a madman bombing children, a population,” says one woman.

Meanwhile, another man is baffled when we tell the Russian President, “It can’t get any worse every time, but there’s worse in the end.” But everyone agrees that he expected this: “The western world is naive about Putin. It was clear that he would not stop in Donbass”.

A crisis situation that forces everyone to choose sides. Lille is next to Ukraine, and to further emphasize its commitment, several buildings will be illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow: these will be the Grand Place, the Place de la République and the Palais des Beaux-Arts in particular.

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