war in Ukraine. Vesna cultural association in Vaux-sur-Seine “concerned and confused”

Alexandra Aubouy and her mother, Ouliana Tchaikowski, during a concert in Hardricourt in 2016.
Alexandra Aubouy and her mother, Ouliana Tchaikowski, during a concert in Hardricourt in 2016. (©78 news)

Pain, misunderstanding, tears… Ouliana Tchaikowski, president of the Franco-Ukrainian cultural association Vesna in Vaux-sur-Seine (Yvelines), and her daughter Alexandra Aubouy, a singing teacher at Juziers, woke up on Thursday, February 24, 2022, in shock. The scale of the attacks of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified in the past few hours, with about fifty dead, including as many as twenty civilians, by noon.

I am very worried. I was able to have friends and family on the phone even though communication was a bit off. According to the latest reports (around 14:30 on Thursday, February 24), the Russian army was approaching approximately 20 km from Kiev.

Uliana TchaikovskyPresident of the Vesna association in Vaux-sur-Seine

“A fearful, struggling people”

About 2,000 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital, Vauxoise was able to measure the desolation of his relatives in situ on the side of Lviv, Kharkiv and even Kiev.

They are a very combative people, but they are afraid there. They are surprised. They did not expect such an invasion of Ukraine. Some say to me, “Sounds like a bad war movie. They are caulked at home. I have a friend who recently had surgery. He is not mobile. If there’s a bombardment, he can’t go down for cover.

Uliana Tchaikovsky

Ouliana Tchaikowski, who is also in pain, tries to reassure her relatives. First of all, she expects a savior intervention from Europe or NATO. And he fails to quell his anger.

“This bloodthirsty lunatic (Vladimir Putin) does not understand how it can turn into a world war. He never allowed Ukraine to become independent. He wants to re-create an empire like before. It is not possible that such a thing still exists in our time. The Russians have many properties in Paris and on the Côte d’Azur. Maybe we should catch them to move things forward. »

The head of Vesna, who is very attached to her country of origin, regularly goes to Lviv, where she has an apartment.

With my daughter and the association, we help children in the hospitals there. At first it was for the victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Today, we continue by sending medical supplies, incubators and clothes.

Uliana Tchaikovsky

Before the pandemic, the Vesna association regularly held concerts in the Val de Seine, for example, in Vaux-sur-Seine or Hardricourt. A Cabaret Slave was held in the Marcelle-Cuche room in February 2020. Trained singer Ouliana Tchaikowski entertained the public with her daughter, Alexandra Aubouy.

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“Nothing justifies that”

Contacted today as well, the latter very affected by the situation.

Like all my relatives here and there, I was extremely shocked by Putin’s inexplicable and very violent attack. In his head in 1941. Nothing justifies this. It’s been eight years since the war in the East and no one is saying anything. The door to annex Ukraine is open for Putin.

Alexandra AubouyVesna association vice president

This Thursday, he gave lessons to his students, even though he was not in his heart. “We send all our thoughts and support to our country, which is suffering terribly,” he said.

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