We are strengthening our presence in France and abroad, especially with our launch in the USA”, Catherine Walker (Founder of LearnyKids)

Catherine Walker, founder of the LearnyKids network, discusses the advantages of her concept and development prospects for Tout la Franchise. Already strong with its presence in nearly twenty countries, the brand plans to expand itself even more internationally.


Special story creator for kids

The 1st network specializing in creating personalized stories that are fun and educational for kids to learn while having fun.

What is the LearnyKids concept?

LearnyKids, first customizable stories network for kids With a mission to help children learn while having fun

In the last ten years, a A range of customizable stories in which children are heroes inspired by the Montessori method and neuroscience. Indeed, neuroscience has demonstrated the “four pillars of learning”:

  1. Caution
  2. active participation
  3. error return
  4. consolidation

LearnyKids now offers over a hundred product ranges (books, song albums, personalized cartoons, educational kits and e-learning programs) to children and their parents.

What are the advantages compared to the competition?

What makes LearnyKids unique is, to start with a relatively low initial investment (from 4,000 euros) get up and running easily and quickly (in less than ten days) without the need for technical expertise while benefiting from the know-how and control of a network. And all this is possible thanks to our knowledge and expertise developed over the last decade.

Another advantage lies in the variety and quality of the products, because we currently offer more than 100 product ranges, all of which can be personalized at a glance and presented in different formats: books, cds, dvds, training kits, e-learning programs, whether e-learning programs. in physical or downloadable version.

All products are developed in partnership with members of our network. specialists from the world of childhood (speech therapists, children, Montessori schools and others). Children become the heroes of their stories to experience magical and exciting adventures to bring magic around them.

Our goal is to help project leaders develop as business leaders through a flexible concept that allows them to organize and develop their activities from home and at their own pace. a better work-life balance.

How did you experience the covid crisis and how did you adapt to it?

The Covid crisis has had a very positive impact, as demand has exploded from parents looking for simple and fun tools to engage their children in prison.

Some, especially those who focus on selling at the point of sale, were more impressed. That’s why we focused on new education to make them possible. improve digital marketing skills optimizing their online presence and relationships and communication with existing customers.

We also took advantage of this unprecedented period to develop new games and educational kits, as well as, for example, the magic of emotions and the launch of the LearnyKids academy with Little Yogis: interactive, fun and entertaining programs that parents can watch with their children. The children are in joy and good humor.

What kind of support did you give to your graduates during this process?

Support is a priority for us personalized support to better adapt to the needs and skills of each. This is multidisciplinary support on individual coaching, moments of collaborative change each month, webinars on a variety of topics, sometimes more technical about new products, or techniques for selling offline and online, and broader skills such as optimizing uptime and managing priorities. .

Throughout this period, the focus has been on digital marketing to develop a winning digital strategy, create automated sales campaigns, all of this to quickly develop skills and accelerate sales, while maintaining flexibility and independence in their strategy and uptime, and keeping customers happy.

2022 promises the launch of new programs focused on learning, self-confidence and resilience and the concept of ‘learning to learn’.

What is the current status of your development in France and internationally?

LearnyKids continues its development in France. The aim is to strengthen our presence in France and internationally, particularly with the launch of our activity in the USA.

Nowadays, We have 150 distributors in 20 countriesalso available in eight languages ​​with some products.

What are your development expectations and goals?

By 2022, new programs focused on learning, self-confidence and resilience and ‘learn learn‘.

We also highlight support to encourage network members to increase their skills to replicate and automate their sales.

Identify the ideal entrepreneur

Diversity is our priority and we are looking for diverse profiles. real motivation for childhood and children’s learning world should be.

Good interpersonal skills are important as well as communication skills. We live in a rapidly changing world: flexibility, adaptability and initiative will be a key success factor, along with good organization, perseverance and good listening and observation skills.

And finally, LearnyKids is a a creative, passionate and caring environmentqualifications we look for in our new hires.

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