We fly to historical, natural and sportive adventures on 28 and 29 May.


28 and 29 May, Château de Jehay

The park, gardens and kitchen garden of the Château de Jehay in the province of Liège is home to the tenth festival of the herb and garden trade.

Market gardeners, nurseries, and other garden experts offer advice, awareness, and innovative techniques throughout the weekend.

For example, Martin Fraisiers explains how to preserve strawberry plants in a natural way, Diversifruits presents its high-bodied orchards, while the Stwerdu mill describes its project to restore the last oil mill in the region.

In addition to these conferences, workshops and events conclude the two days. Visitors can thus learn how to make jams, vegetable beds, basins and pots, as well as flower decorations.

The plant festival also shows performances. In the program: decorative objects from turned wood, flower arrangements and planting seedlings. On Sunday, Luc Noël from the RTBF program Jardins et Loisirs will give his advice on gardening, taking into account the new climatic conditions. Admission is free for children under the age of twelve.


2nd.Han-Vol and You

May 26-29, Han-sur-Lesse, area of ​​the Han Caves

Dozens of colorful hot air balloons take off from the Khan Caves this weekend, providing a stunning sight. But that’s not all. Various events are also held, such as family cycling, handicraft market, wheelbarrow race, old car collection, village games, playground, model airplane shows, adeps walk and even dog obedience shows. On Saturday, the focus will be on twins and triples at a big rally.

Not forgetting the possibility of making your first flight in a hot air balloon (with reservation). An excellent opportunity to explore the landscapes of Famenne by gaining height.


3.big bitch

May 26-29, Marche-en-Famenne

Originally, the Grosse biesse carnival in Marche-en-Famenne was named in honor of Gugusse, a cynical minor character. Others came along the way, including Grosse biesse, a dragon who gave the carnival its name. Demonstrations, parades, enthronement of the “Grand Mautchi”, party time in the streets.


4.Street food delights

May 27-29, Raeren, place du monument

The Place du Monument in Raeren in the province of Liège is hosting around twenty food trucks this weekend as well as events combining food and music.

Culinary specialties from Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa will be shoulder to shoulder with those from South America and the East. Some offer meals for vegetarians and vegans.


5.Napoleon’s war

28 and 29 May, Ligny 1815 Museum

The small village of Ligny in the province of Namur saw the Prussian and British armies clash with Napoleon’s armies on June 16, 1815. This weekend, enthusiasts and others can relive this historic event at a memorial service by the 1815 museum. what’s new this year: reconstruction of the war with 1/3000 figurines on 10 m2.


6.Namur in May

May 26-28, Namur

The festival of fairground arts and street performances continues at full speed in the center of Namur. More than 70 performances, often free of charge, including circus, concerts, rides, enliven the streets of the Walloon capital. This is especially an opportunity to see the famous Namur leggy walkers (again) playing their game.


7.NAW pop-up fashion

27-29 May, Brussels, Fine Arts Center

Fashion accessories, contemporary Berber and Afrofuturist inspired jewelry, as well as illustrations, interior decoration objects and tastings await visitors at NAW pop-up fashion. Organized by the Afropolitan Festival and Naw African Waves, the festival invites you to immerse yourself in Afropolitan fashion, design and lifestyle.


Next weekend (June 4 and 5)

Ardennes race

June 4, La Roche-en-Ardenne, sports complex

Starting from the La Roche-en-Ardenne sports complex, three courses of 21km, 42km and 10km are offered to participants.

Runners will use the area’s dirt roads, trails, and small paved roads. The more adventurous will taste the ridges and slopes as well as the pass of western Ourthe.



June 5, Irchonwelz, Brasserie des Légendes

The castle-farm of Irchonwelz will host lovers, gentlemen, jugglers and jesters in period clothing on Sunday, June 5th. Families (from 6 years old) will be able to compete against Masters of Games with sword games, brain games or skill games. In addition, the program includes a concert aperitif, a mobile forge, archery and a bas-relief sculpture.



4 June, between 14:30-17:00, Brussels, Cultural point

Belgium’s only professional origamist, Michael David, will lead a traditional Japanese paper folding workshop. It will detail symbolic models among cinematographic, musical and video game references. The workshop is accessible from the age of 14 (accompanied by an adult from 8 years old).

Reservations: www.pointculture.be