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Frequency of seasons

“Koh-Lanta, cursed totem” premiered on TF1 on February 22, 2022, two months after the “Legends” season finale aired. Even if we love the adventure game produced by ALP, we appreciate that it remains an exceptional date on the grill. In short, “Koh-Lanta” should not become a routine. The private channel undoubtedly came to the same conclusion by announcing that it would not broadcast another season in 2022.

release day

For Belgian viewers, a Tuesday evening broadcast rather than a Friday broadcast is not ideal. Unlike many French students, young Belgian “Koh-Lanta” fans should come to class the next morning. It’s an impossible pace to hold back as the show ends around 11:30pm. Suddenly, our viewers feel it: “Le totem maudit”, which brings together an average of 150,000 viewers every Tuesday evening, is half the number of previous seasons scheduled the day before the weekend, even if most of them catch up by watching the postponed series. broadcasting.

The curses in question

From the beginning, the cursed totem principle was exciting: the lowest-performing candidates on certain tests would receive a curse. Unfortunately, the idea wasn’t developed enough throughout the episodes. Most of the participants who were victims of totems received the same punishment.

Not enough bending

Real and great strategists were clearly lacking throughout this season. If Benjamin said he was ready to do anything to win, his teammates eliminated him from the first place. Ditto for Stephanie: the dealer’s brain flips are budding. Setha, who deceived everyone with her imaginary immunity necklace, was going to make a great bluff after the reunion, but she fell victim to the Ambassadors. Reunification could have set the stage for new alliances and comebacks, but candidates generally didn’t gamble to save their heads. Looking at our screen, when we discovered certain vote counts, we’d like to say to ourselves: “But no, that’s not possible”: With a few very rare exceptions (our athlete Louana was eliminated after a test of tied fate), it wasn’t. file.

Candidates who are very athletic

Obviously, this season is full of muscles: François, Fouzi, Yannick, Bastien or Colin. The girls were specifically selected for their sports skills: Alexandra is a former swimming champion, Anne-Sophie and Samira are sports coaches, Ambre works in sports training, Pauline is a former kart champion… As a result, the profiles were “normal” “She didn’t jump on the audience. One fan said, ” “What I loved about Koh-Lanta was the fact that you see ordinary people in survival situations,” he analyzes. “In recent seasons you only see super sporty people. If I want to see people playing sports, I go to the gym. »

very long trials

Trials came one after another this season. On the screen, some seemed endless, especially those that focused on the address of the participants. For example, the confrontation between Fouzi and Jean-Charles during a qualifying round, where neither of the two candidates could complete the exercise. As a result, the life of the camp does not take much place in the program this year: “There is no activity in the camp, we do not see anyone fishing or looking for food in the forest,” an audience blew.

An unprecedented configuration

This is a great first in “Koh-Lanta” history: four poles will be erected in the sand to welcome the finalists. One of them (which was prepared last Tuesday in a second orientation exam) will have a curse to start the exam.

“Koh-Lanta, cursed totem”, Jun 21 at 9:10 pm TF1.