Well-being at work: 7 trends that come to us from elsewhere


Due to the undeniable impact on motivation and performance, French companies are increasingly investing in the well-being of their employees. However, some trends are coming to us from other countries. We take stock.

Bringing your pet to the office

While the promotion of animals in the context of work is still in its infancy in France, it has been democratized in other countries. In Japan, an example is with Ferray, a Tokyo-based computer company that allows employees to leave. taking their cats to the office with them. The app has several purposes: dealing with anxiety and stressavoid the risk of “burning”, create new interactions and relax the atmosphere.

Authorize 100% telework

For many employees, quality of life at work (QVT) requires a better balance between professional life and personal life. For this purpose, some companies 100% teleworking recently. This is the state of Facebook, Gitlab, Twitter and Square. In terms of home office flexibility, the Netherlands did not wait for the health crisis as this alternative way of working was prevalent since 2010.

Create “Everyday Friday”

Also “daily day” or ” dressing friday “Comfy Friday” is an American tradition where company staff can dress less formally on Fridays. This day was chosen naturally as it is the last day of the week. Japan launched “Premium Friday” in 2017. Goal : Encourage employees to leave work at 15:00 on the last Friday of each month to limit overwork and stimulate the economy.

Encourage personal projects

Germany is promoting personal projectseach. Thus, in general employer who finances sports and cultural activities of employees. Also, contemplative presenteeism, which involves being in the office without actually working, is not well received. Even leaving late is associated with: a sign of disorder, as in Denmark. Across the Atlantic, in the United States, some employees benefit from: 20% of working time devoted to personal projects .

Apply “slow management”

organizations in Denmark slow management(slow management). Idea develop personal development employees in the workplace. Second, they are aware that they devote the necessary time to the successful completion of their projects. They usually finish their day around 5 pm to respect the balance between professional and personal life.

prevent work accidents

Finland is one of the champion countries in terms of QWL. he focuses combating work accidents. Indeed, everything has been thought of so that the safety rules are integrated and respected by every employee. Many Japanese companies, for their part, care about the physical well-being of their employees. employeesby offering the opportunity to receive in the case of painful periods, the so-called menstrual leave .

take a nap at the office

Finally, in some countries,taking a nap while at work, as in Japan. Pretty common practice inemiaor “a little nap” is considered an indication of his investment in the company. Siesta is still not common in France, but alternatives are developing.meditation or sophrology sessionsat run time.

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