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Nowadays, it’s hard not to always respond to the lure of the Internet and new technologies to relax and enjoy the many entertainments available online. Video or game? The possibilities are many and take all the attention of the canvas. Speaking of which, what does digital entertainment look like in 2022?

The popularity of online gambling

Be it since the arrival of online sports betting or even casinos in some countries, many well-known groups have experienced a new era in their development thanks to the Internet. Online gambling is more popular than ever and caters to all types of players, be it sports, traditional gambling or those who enjoy the casino world. The latter is also in the midst of a revolution with a large presence on the internet, as well as a resurgence in popularity for more traditional establishments. This is the case in many parts of the world where once again improved connections make a new type of entertainment possible.

This is why many platforms have become popular lately, receiving a significant number of new players every day with various offers, for example, online casino with free spins continues to delight players all over the world. From the most classic to the most eccentric, casino games continue to attract online enthusiasts and make this space one of the main entertainment areas on the web in 2022.

The video game world continues to explode

Arcade games are still of interest to those who appreciate this style of play, but how about actual simulations, often sports, that fill sales in the video game industry? The industry has never looked better, thanks to ninth-generation consoles launching in 2021 and democratization of access to the video game world.

    There is change!
There is change!

In the entertainment world, it is also the country with the strongest growth internationally for the third year in a row, if we stick to the turnover achieved. An important step that pushes developers and players in this universe to continue the implementation of new technologies, always the same goal, the enjoyment of the players.

This arrival of new technologies is especially reflected in the explosion of games and virtual reality (VR) devices in 2022. Games involving this technology sometimes go beyond understanding in terms of realism and are a godsend for those who appreciate simulations like arcade games!

More people than ever before are playing on consoles and directly on their mobile phones and enjoying excellent free access to this popular pastime.

Streaming platforms take control

Challenge yourself to find someone in your neighborhood who doesn’t have an account on the video-on-demand platform, it will be very difficult to do! With these SVOD platforms, of course, we also consider leading giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

Subtitle: We no longer consume content the same way
Subtitle: We no longer consume content the same way

This new way of consuming the content of movies and television series has arguably upset the industry concerned, as well as the entertainment industry on the Internet. Now serials and content are watched in a hurry, in preview or from the first minutes of their broadcast. The immediate and sometimes inordinate consumption of content has sometimes forced large production companies to adapt to this new form of consumption in spite of themselves.