What is the outcome for the Greens candidate? Program and news

Yannick Jadot: What is the outcome for the Greens candidate?  Program and news

JADOT. European Ecology Candidate – The Greens in the 2022 presidential election, Yannick Jadot will learn of the polls’ decision on Sunday, April 10. What campaign did he lead, what score can he expect? Here is the summary and latest information while we wait for the results of this first round, which is expected at 20:00.


This time Yannick Jadot went all the way! After her first unsuccessful nomination in favor of Benoît Hamon, the five continued after winning the perimeter primary against Sandrine Rousseau. No matter how far his campaign was from Jean-Luc Mélenchon according to recent polls, it quickly placed him in second power position on the left. What will be the result of Yannick Jadot at the end of the first round on Sunday, April 10, and what will be the weight of ecology in the second round? Here is the latest news followed by live results.

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05:30 – What kind of political system does Yannick Jadot plan to establish if he is elected president in 2022?

Tonight’s results will tell us whether the environmentalist candidate has enough results to qualify for the second round of this presidential election. Meanwhile, it is time to return to the political system he wanted to establish. In its program, it develops many measures to reform voting methods in France. First, it aims to authorize the right to vote at the age of 16, recognizing the blank ballot as a used vote, while also allowing foreign nationals to vote. Politically, it aims to promote the effective right of petition in Parliament and in all communities, empowering the people to question as developed in its program, while at the same time making the term of presidential power non-extendable. renewable seven-year period. In addition, in legislative elections, the department will exercise proportional representation by constituencies. At the institutional level, France plans to merge the Senate with CESE to strengthen bicameralism, while also holding a citizens’ initiative referendum.

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Yannick Jadot has long been one of the environmental movement’s biggest contenders for the presidential election. Already nominated in 2017, the actor was replaced by Benoît Hamon with a heavy failure. His allegations got a second wind in a surprise breakthrough from environmentalists during the European elections in 2019. The list, led by Yannick Jadot, then takes third place with 13.5% of the votes cast. Yannick Jadot has announced his candidacy for president from June 30, 2021 and has confirmed that he will run for the EELV primary. A support column was published on August 18, 2021.

Yannick Jadot revealed his official schedule during a meeting in Lyon on January 29. Contains 120 offers. Desiring to establish an “Ecological Republic” and end climate inactivity, he repeatedly brought the fight against social inequalities closer to the fight against global warming: “The financial crisis, the expansion of inequalities, this epidemic, the cult of the blind. growth, individualism, the collapse of biodiversity, femicide, and of course climate change are not inevitable,” he summarized the guidelines for his project at the beginning of his speech. The full program can be viewed on this page of the campaign website.

  • About ecology: Ensuring that France is currently not complying with its European and international climate commitments, Yannick Jadot confirms that his project will make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, thus meeting the criteria for limiting the increase. By the end of the century the temperature will rise to 1.5°C. He also advocates the recognition of the crime of killing the environment, that is, the establishment of criminal sanctions for damage to the environment. Regarding biodiversity and animal conditions: Mr Jadot promises a sanctuary for the seafloor, the “zero net artificialization of soil” rule applied to development projects, a ten-year timetable to exit industrial agriculture, and the establishment of a ministry. on animal rights. Other “emergencies” that he will deal with as soon as he comes to power: banning glyphosate and neonicotinoids and abolishing VAT.
  • on energy : For Yannick Jadot, “The France of tomorrow must be freed from the energies of the past”. At his meeting in Lyon, the ecologist specifically denounced the “aging, dangerous nuclear fleet”: he advocated an exit from nuclear power in fifteen or twenty years. Also, the EELV candidate wants to re-nationalize EDF (under EPIC status) and regain “public control” of hydroelectric dams. Finally, the president assures that “no more euros of public money” will go to fossil fuels or pesticides – which means, among other things, the end of public subsidies to companies dealing with fossil fuels. The most virtuous companies will pay less corporate tax.
  • in transport : Yannick Jadot wants to invest 5 billion euros for the five-year period and reduce VAT on public transport to 5.5%, as well as a 4 billion euro reduction for “daily trains”. night. It also wants to ban the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles and convert one million combustion engines into electric motors by 2030.
  • on society and social inequalities : bringing energy control to 400 Euros per year multiplied by four, construction of 700,000 social homes per year for a five-year period and increasing the minimum rate of HLM to 30% (compared to 25% today) municipalities promise program by Yannick Jadot . Again on the theme of housing: the environmentalist candidate will demand the expansion of rent controls in narrow areas and the removal of deposits when moving to the rental house. Who is the salary? Yannick Jadot promises an immediate increase of the minimum wage to €1,400 net (versus €1,269 today) and raise it to €1,500 before the end of his term, revision of salary grids. The abolition of the unemployment insurance reform is also in the program of the European Ecology candidate Les Verts. Finally, Mr. Jadot wants to go to “work time reduction through a major national negotiation” as well as placing employees on companies’ boards of directors by up to 50%.
  • about health Takeover of public hospitals’ debts, increased number of beds, new facilities in well-supplied areas supervised to combat medical deserts (students will need to be moved in the last year of medical education and in the first two years. In under-resourced areas) are in the program. When it comes to accommodation facilities for dependent seniors, Yannick Jadot promises to “get out of a system in which our seniors become speculative products” with the establishment of controls and a minimal caregiver ratio.
  • in public services : Yannick Jadot promises to recruit 65,000 teachers, 10,000 police officers, 100,000 nurses and 10,000 teacher-researchers, as well as a 20% increase in teacher salaries. An increase that would be allowed with the restoration of the ISF and the raising of inheritance taxes to over 2 million euros.
  • on the economy, a major investment plan of 50 billion euros per year (i.e. 2% of GDP) is on the program to rebuild the economy, promote renewable energies, mass and carbon-neutral mobility, while also accelerating residential renovation. Yannick Jadot wants to combine RSA and activity bonus to create a “citizen income”. On the income side, he assures that the restoration of the wealth tax will enable progress towards a ‘climate ISF’.

While they typically turn around 7-8%, in some polls their intention to vote in favor of Yannick Jadot in the first round of the presidential election drops to 5%. Therefore, he would be the second candidate on the left, behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon but ahead of Anne Hidalgo, Fabien Roussel, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud.