What new measures on March 14?


As of Monday, March 14, the level of the health protocol changes to level 1. Masks are no longer mandatory in schools, colleges and high schools, including in classrooms. The case theme is canteens and brewing… Update on new measures in force.

New protocol at school, level 1, end of mask

This Monday morning The end of the mask at school with the transition of health protocol from level 2 to level 1. Thus, from primary school to high school, students and teachers no longer have to wear masks in classrooms, and those who wish can still wear them. However, a mask is highly recommended for students who have had a case of contact over a 7-day period. In middle and high school, the contact cases rule has changed so far, vaccinated students are not considered contacts because they wear masks. From now on, “all students (common core class, specialization groups, options, languages, etc.) sharing the same class with the verified case (common core class, specialization groups, options, languages, etc.) are not masked”, Ministry of Education It was stated in the new health protocol at the school. From 14 March, students will also be able to attend physical education classes indoors and outdoors without restrictions (including contact sports). The new health protocol also ensures that the ban on mixing in the canteen and classrooms is lifted. However, the recommendation of the Ministry of National Education,as a first step and as much as possible to limit over-mixing between group-classes and levels, especially during recreation and restoration times“.

Remember that since the end of the school holidays, Wearing mask no longer mandatory especially on the playground and outdoors from February 28th, students no longer need to take three tests in D0, D+2 and D+4, but only one test in D2, to prove that they are negative when there are contact cases. Finally, affidavit of affidavit Certification of completion of exams is no longer required for returning to school.

School trips: health or vaccination card suspended on 14 March

“As of March 14, 2022, vaccination and health card application will be stopped in all establishments (entertainment and cultural places, commercial food and beverage activities, fairs and trade fairs, etc.) deemed necessary within the borders of the metropolitan area, except health and medico-social organizations” indicates the Ministry of Education. It will therefore no longer be required for school field trips or even the activities of school sports federations.

What does level 1 provide for elementary schools, colleges and high schools?

The Ministry of Education provides four scenarios depending on the epidemic situation, with adaptations at the national or regional level in the 2021-2022 academic year. With distance education, physical and sportive activities can be changed according to the level. Here’s what Level 1 health protocol:

  • face-to-face acceptance of all students;
  • physical and sporting activities are allowed indoors and outdoors;
  • Wearing masks indoors is mandatory for personnel, and rules regarding outdoor mask wearing in the general population are followed.
  • For students, middle and high school students are required to wear masks indoors. Like this, It is no longer compulsory in primary education from the CP.
  • No mixing restriction between student groups (classes, class groups, levels) is enforced.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of premises: at least once a day. Tables in the cafeteria are cleaned and disinfected at least after each service;
  • Spaces should be arranged in the canteen to leave as much distance as possible between students.
Health protocol at school for the start of the school year © Ministry of National Education

School health protocol: Level 2 / yellow level

  • face-to-face acceptance of all students.
  • Physical and sporting activities are usually done outdoors. For example, when the weather is bad, activities can be held indoors with a distance of 2 meters.
  • It is mandatory for National Education personnel to wear masks in closed areas.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in closed areas. Remember, masks will no longer be required indoors from March 14.
  • Limitation of mixing is required between students in different groups (class, class groups or level). This limitation is even more necessary when the distance between students in the same group is not respected much, for example in kindergarten. Especially when this recommendation cannot be applied in high school, the mixing restriction is applied by level;
  • Building cleaning: several times a day. Tables in the cafeteria are cleaned and disinfected at least after each service;
  • In the canteen, the stability of the groups is sought and as much as possible, the same students eat lunch at the same table every day in the first level. It is recommended to arrange an individual service (trays, cutlery, water, sauce on a plate or on a tray).

What does level 3 of the health protocol provide?

  • Wearing masks inside and outside for students and staff with CP.
  • Hybridization is possible in high school when the institution requires configuration.
  • Activities are held outdoors, but only low-intensity activities suitable for wearing masks and at a distance of 2 meters are allowed indoors if necessary.
  • Masks are mandatory for personnel indoors and outdoors.
  • It is mandatory to wear masks in indoor and outdoor areas in primary, secondary and high schools.
  • limitation of mixing between students in different groups (class, class groups or level). In the first instance, it is imperative that students from different classes do not mix in the canteen. This limitation is even more necessary (especially in kindergarten) when the distance between students in the same group is not well respected. When it is not possible to avoid mixing between classes (especially in high school), the limitation of mixing applies by level;
  • Building cleaning: several times a day. Tables in the cafeteria are cleaned and disinfected at least after each service and, if possible, after each meal;
  • Students eat lunch in groups and, if possible, every day at the same table, at least two meters apart, with students in other classes. Individual service is available (trays, cutlery, plating, water), but mass is prohibited.

Sanitary protocol at school: Level 4 / red level

  • Systematic hybridization with 50% upper limit in numbers for 4th and 3rd year high school and university students.
  • In physical and sports activities, it is hung indoors, at a distance of 2 meters, outdoors.
  • It is mandatory for personnel to wear masks indoors and outdoors.
  • Masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors in elementary, college and high school.
  • Student mixing restriction: rules are the same as level 3 (orange)
  • Building cleaning: Several times a day, after each service and, if possible, after each meal.
  • The same rules apply in the canteen as in the orange level: collective, individual service, group lunch and, if possible, first class at the same table every day.