When the covid epidemic and confinement sign the end of sp seasons


Drift, traditional cricket, basketball: the bodies overseeing sports disciplines in New Caledonia are whistling one competitive season after another.

His third incarceration will last until mid-November. To the detriment of sports calendars, among other things.


Results : “The New Caledonian National Cricket Committee has made the decision to suspend all cricket competitions scheduled until the end of 2021.” The announcement was released in a press release on Thursday, November 4.

A decision taken at a plenary meeting in a global context: two consecutive shutdowns this year, nearly two thousand licensees’ lack of education and lack of visibility to fix competitions.

End of the cricket season: comments by Jean-Marc Ihily compiled by Cédrick Wakahugnème

This year is very, very difficult and we learned that the quarantine has been extended. Caledonian Cup [de cricket] ends in a week… We decided to stop everything.

Jean-Marc Ihily, chairman of the cricket committee


In the drift area, there is no postponement of the 3rd round, which was canceled last October. As a result, the championship will be confirmed by the final two laps at the Moindou and Tomo circuits in Boulouparis. A painful choice recorded by the board of directors of Asars (“Association sportive car de run et slaloms”).

Drift season is over. However, Motorsport League president Éric Robert states that rallying and karting continue.

End of drift season: Motorsport League’s Éric Robert responds to Cédrick Wakahugnème


We have already learned this week about the decision of the basketball league to end the championship and therefore the 2021 season. Caledonia News In their release Thursday, November 4, they reported that the classification was fixed, with the regional title returning to AS 6 in women’s and AS Dumbéa in men.


Finishing cheers have been heard for several weeks for the horse racing season. Read here:

And football?

On the football side, Caledonia has already given up taking the seventh round of the Coupe de France, scheduled for mid-November. At the beginning of the month, the opponents draw took place without the cagou club. “The Cup already carries the weight of Covid”On October 8, he made the headline of the Caledonian Football Federation on his website. “At the top level, we have just confirmed the cancellation of the French Cup tour and thus the 2021 Caledonian Cup.”The president of the federation announced.

“Given the health context, we will not be able to take the 7th round of the Coupe de France, scheduled for 13 November in New Caledonia”detailed, Gilles Tavergeux. “Before this date we will not have the space to play the remaining three rounds of the Caledonian Cup. FFF requested an immediate response to the entire organization of the metropolitan team’s arrival in Caledonia. But it will be too early for us. As a result, if an improvement is possible, our priority now is the super league championship. towards the end,” he said.

A dozen days later, NC zoomed in on these different tracks to continue to the #1 championships, especially the super league.

Possible resumption of training

At this stage, Caledonia has already spent two months without sports competitions. The adaptation of the prison at the end of October left the door open for the resumption of education. Health pass and maximum measure, subject to bowing to barrier movements. Example at Tennis-club du Mont-Coffyn:

Yet sports structures are suffering from the situation created by the pandemic. Example with climbing league, Cercle des nageurs caledoniens or La Gourmette equestrian club.