Where is the resumption of the epidemic in your department?

The entire region is affected. In recent days, the number of contamination and hospitalizations for Covid-19 in France has started to increase again. Public Health France announced 79,852 new positive coronavirus cases on Thursday, June 23, a 50% increase from last week. On average over the past seven days, around 58,000 new cases have been registered in France each day.

The health institution issues a report “quite clear increase in virology”, Delphine Viriou from Santé Publique France is in the weekly update for Friday, June 24. By stating that “The levels of various indicators are still moderate compared to previous peaks at the beginning of the year. »

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Contaminations increased 50% in one week

Contaminations have started to rise again since the beginning of June, slightly changing the trend, despite the deterioration of France’s Public Health data linked to public holidays. The average new contamination per day has increased from less than 20,000 new cases each day to currently about 58,000 new cases. An accelerated increase, particularly with the spread of BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants.

Visualization of the number of cases announced day by day compared to what was announced seven days ago:

The incidence rate is rising again across the French population, but the indicator has increased even more especially among the 20-79-year-olds, and even in the 50- to 79-year-old age group, according to the Health press briefing. Friday.

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25% more tests this week

The number of screening examinations increased by 25% last week, according to figures released on Thursday by the Ministry of Health, which lowered the prices of PCR tests, another example of the recovery in the epidemic.

Screening with more than 1.6 million PCR and antigen tests performed between 13-19 June, “Rising again”indicates the Directorate for Statistics (Drees) in a press release.

The incidence rate is increasing everywhere

For this seventh epidemic wave of Covid-19, all departments are affected by the increase in case rates.

The indicator at national level is 527 cases per 100,000 population as of 20 June, the latest figure from Public Health France. The highest incidence in France is in Paris with 890 cases per 100,000 people. But also in many other Ile-de-France regions such as Hauts-de-Seine (830), Val-de-Marne (706) and Yvelines (694).

In the West, several departments are also part of the regions where above-average levels are observed: 584 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Loire-Atlantique, 547 in Ille-et-Vilaine, 545 in Finistère and 533 in the Cotes d’Armor.

Incidence rate by department from 14 to 20 June 2022, the latest data from the health institution:

You can also find below the development of the indicator by region since last January:

Hospital admissions increased by nearly 40 percent

The curve climbs sharply on the hospital side as well. According to data from Thursday, June 23, an average of 671 new cases of COVID-19 infections are admitted to hospital every day. A 37% figure in one week.

Admissions to intensive care wards also slightly increased. The hospital receives 62 new referrals per day on Thursday, compared to 56 last week.

So far, the number of recorded deaths has not increased with hospital admissions. Some time since the start of the health crisis, deaths have increased after an increase in contamination and hospitalizations. Currently, 40 deaths a day are recorded in French hospitals.

Increased vaccination reminders

Doctolib, one of the main slot reservation platforms facing the backlash from the epidemic, has seen an increase in the number of appointments for the booster dose (first or second dose).

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On average, more than 13,200 French make an appointment for a booster dose every day on the platform, according to data from Thursday, June 23. That’s above the average of 7,079 appointments received last week in the June 17 data.

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