Which diet should I adopt and how long before it starts?


This much ! you are a mother! But with the joy of welcoming your cute little bundle of joy comes questions about your post-pregnancy weight loss regimen. And the drama begins here. Losing weight after having a baby isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, there are plenty of tips and expert advice to get in shape without any hassle. Here are the answers to all your post pregnancy questions!

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“When will I be back to my pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth? This is the question all young mothers are asking right now. Those who believe that extra pounds will magically fly away in real life, think again! Sure, some will leave, but others require struggle. So, first of all, what you need to know is to be patient with yourself and your body. Because to every woman, her metabolism! Obviously, the numbers on the scale are important, but so is your mental state. No need to be tough on yourself! Give your body time to adjust. He just had an incredible upheaval.

How long does it take to lose weight after giving birth?

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How do celebrities lose their pregnancy weight in a short time? You can be sure ! Your favorite celebrities are supervised by a coach during and after their 9 months of pregnancy. The good news is that in the first few weeks after birth, you can lose up to 10 pounds, 6 of which are just the weight of the baby, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid. However, you will definitely see that your weight will stop after a while. So it will probably take you a few months to get back to your old weights. According to experts, the ideal is to lose between 500 g and 1 kg per week. After giving birth, the body needs to recover and heal. So no need to force it. Give yourself time and above all avoid very strict diets.

Weight loss after baby and breastfeeding: Is there a link?

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Contrary to what we have heard, breastfeeding is not enough to lose weight and find the ideal line after pregnancy. Generally, breastfeeding will allow you to burn 500 calories a day, but if you consume more calories than usual, you will not lose anything from fatigue. On the other hand, if you adopt an overly vigorous post-pregnancy weight loss diet, neither can you. However, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet for recovery, but you also need to treat yourself from time to time. In other words, a slice of pizza won’t prevent you from getting and maintaining good shape after giving birth. You just need to find the right balance.

What is ideal weight loss after pregnancy?

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The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is calculated on the basis of several criteria, the most important of which is body mass index (BMI). Weight gained during pregnancy depends on many factors such as general health status and lifestyle (sports, diet, etc.). Therefore, every mother’s situation is unique. Therefore, it is best to ask your healthcare provider what your ideal weight gain was during your pregnancy and how much you should lose afterwards.

Our simple tips for losing weight after pregnancy

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your body will change

As a result of pregnancy, some parts of your body change. It may be a minor detail like getting new cracks or having wider shoulders than before, but it’s inevitable.

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Prefer a gentle and adapted diet

What diet to lose weight after giving birth? This is nothing new, but the only way to lose your pregnancy belly is to follow a diet plan and exercise. However, it is very important to choose a tailored weight loss diet that is right for you! FYI, Kim Kardashian chose the Atkins diet after all her pregnancies to shed those extra pounds. But if the idea of ​​cutting sugar off your menu makes you depressed, there’s no need to deprive yourself. Instead, opt for a diet that includes occasional small sweets.

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Slowly returning to sports

Exercising to lose weight as quickly as possible is undoubtedly the biggest mistake to avoid after giving birth. Your body has just finished a marathon, so it deserves a break. Ideally, you should start by doing small fitness sessions that you will gradually extend.

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Don’t let anyone tell you that your excess weight is normal when you become a mother. Only you know what is good for you and your body.